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The Suswa starts at Dehradun, Uttarakhand and ends joining up the Holy Ganga through its confluence with the River Song.

Just a few decades ago, water from Suswa was used for drinking, cleaning and agricultural purposes in the villages on its banks.

Unfortunately, Suswa is now famous because the domestic and chemical waste of Dehradun ends up in Ganga after being dumped into it.

This has adversely affected not just human habitats but also flora and fauna that used to flourish on its banks. Tigers, elephants etc from the Rajaji National Park are still dependant on this river for their water and are many a times adversely affected by the toxic elements in the river.

The fields along Suswa’s banks were famous for their aromatic Basmati crops. Today, agricultural produce from the same fields puts humans at the risk of diseases like Dysentery, Cancer etc.

This situation can be rectified by establishing a water treatment plant on the river at a point beyond which dumping the waste into the river shall be prohibited. Care should be taken to maintain these plants instead of letting them fall into despair as has happened before.

Rivers are the bedrock of the ecology surrounding them. Death of a river means death of millions of organisms that are dependent on it, starting a chain cycle that can potentially destroy civilisations. May the government that wants to bring back the Saraswati have enough sense and courage to first save the rivers that we already have, rather than offer empty rhetoric.

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