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محاسبة اعضاء المجتمع المدني الّذين شتموا و تهجّموا على الجيش

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As you may know, on June 16, half a dozen of members of the "Hirak Madane" went to the parliament to protest against the parlement extension. However, they did not protest peacefully, but they targeted the Lebanese army by cursing the soldiers, not obeying by the rules, and attacking some of the soldiers. This caused the army to hit the attackers. Not only did they not have a permission to protest, but two of them ran towards a soldier, grabbed his legs, put him to floor, and tried to take his weapon. After many attempts to free himself from their arms, the other soldiers ran towards him to help him, and then they started beating the two people that were not letting go of him (as you can see in the video that went viral, the soldier is on the ground.) Second, since they did not have a permission to protest, the soldiers do not know if these are normal people from the "Hirak Madane" (especially, since the people and the leaders who usually protest were not there) or people from ISIS, and so when they run like maniacs towards deputies' cars, sometimes with nothing in their hands, the soldiers need to make them back off (because they could have a bomb on them if they were ISIS for example) and the soldiers are there to protect us and the deputies. Also, legally, they can not curse soldiers (such as: "you're a slave of the power", fuck you and your leaders/ since the army's leader is General Joseph Aoun and so what they were saying affects him directly, since he is the army leader), throw eggs or tomatoes at them. Finally, they were protesting in front of an army base NOT in front of the parliament or outside the Place de L'étoile. And so, when they try getting into an army base, after multiple attempts from the soldiers that are explaining that this is an army base not the parliament, the soldiers have to protect their base, just like anyone would have protected their house.



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