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Остановим убийства бродячих животных из-за ЧМ-2018 в Волгограде!

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Dear friends, animal lovers, football lovers and all the caring people of planet Earth! We are seeking your help. Russia is getting ready to host a World Cup 2018. Including a hero City Volgograd where a unique Stadium "Pobeda" is being built. The city and it's infrastructure are changing to please all the visitors of the championship, but with this change local government decided to get rid of all the stray animals in the town ; dogs and cats by killing them!
Department of Roscomnadzor Volgograd District issued a document " to start City cleaning of stray dogs and cats on September 1st" ; and the mass killing has started on September 1st. One of the city districts lost all the stray dogs already but this is just the beginning! All the animal rights activists are terrified of what's going to happen to the rest of the animals! There is no municipal animal shelter in the city!
Mass execution was trusted to MKP "Gorpitomnik" in charge with K.V. Yepifanov. This person has had a reputation for killing animals for a while now. Volgograd District animal protection charitable fund suggested to take the responsibility for all the captured animals and Humane methods of treatment. But local government doesn't want to hear anything about it and would rather kill the animals!
Let's say " No to animal killing in Volgograd!" These creatures deserved a name of "the best friend of a human" through thousands of years of dedicated companionship and love to people. These creatures just want to live their lives and they have the same rights to live and end enjoy it as us. Their only fault is that they are alive, just like we are. And they deserve to stay alive! They protected our town in the time of World War II. There is a monument for Soldier-dogs in Volgograg.
I beg of you dear friends, animal protectors ,football players, supporters and all the people who care to sign a petition and write to the city Administration the protest against the stray animals killing. There's a solution to that problem but we have to find a Humane one!
Please write your opinion about the situation to ....................
We need to unite all our supporters ASAP! We don't have much time!

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