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Petitioning Mayor Δήμαρχο ΧΑΡΟΥΛΑ ΟΥΣΟΥΛΤΖΟΓΛΟΥ ΓΕΩΡΓΙΑΔΗ and 1 other

Δήμαρχο ΧΑΡΟΥΛΑ ΟΥΣΟΥΛΤΖΟΓΛΟΥ ΓΕΩΡΓΙΑΔΗ: Find and prosecute those responsible for the suffering of innocent animals.

These shocking images are from just a couple of days ago, in VEROIA, Greece.  They are a shameful indication of the barbarism still displayed in many parts of the country.  We have a history in Greece of murdering helpless animals. Please help this change to show that we are, afterall, a civilized nation. This CAN NOT be tolerated. These pictures of shame must at least serve a greater purpose.  Let the mayor and deputy mayor of VEROIA know that this can no longer be tolerated.

Letter to
Deputy Mayor Αντιδήμαρχο Νικόλαο Μαυροκεφαλίδη
In VEROIA. Find those responsible for the suffering of innocent animals and ensure that justice is served. Become the voice of these slaughtered animals as they have none. Do not allow them to have suffered and died in vain.

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