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Can you chip in $14 to get this petition on the agenda?

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Konrad Promitzer
Konrad Promitzer chipped in $111
Anna Stammerjohann
Anna Stammerjohann chipped in $8
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Mirco Dörfler chipped in $5
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Hannelore Brenner-Wonschick chipped in $8
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Elke Zacke chipped in $8
Jolanta Lode
Jolanta Lode chipped in $28
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Alexandra Drexler chipped in $3
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Christiane Süß chipped in $5
Annette Grosser
Annette Grosser chipped in $8
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Diyar Berse chipped in $3
Kathrin Naujoks
Kathrin Naujoks chipped in $3
Diane Gerhardt
Diane Gerhardt chipped in $3
Renate Maria
Renate Maria chipped in $2
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Almut Kwetkus chipped in $2
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