Women Awareness Movement, International

Women Awareness Movement, International

Generating awareness for woman who are multi-dimensionally high voltage dynamite energies- W.A.M. "Women Awareness Movement" International. A platform to unite all intelligent women from diverse fields according to their unique potentiality, talents, qualities and nurture those so as to motivate them towards their individual self growth. Enlightenment brings out solutions of multiform unresolved, inbuilt issues, problems and mysteries of human life including mind & fate and their control, stresses and crisis in life and society, happiness, liking others, delusion, social harmony, and path to be pursued when one is at the cross junction of life when the define path is missing. Merely by wealth one cannot procure jewels of life, which enriches us by peace and creativity. Self-efforts are the only means to climb up to achieve virtues in life and understand mysteries of life and death, scientific reasons.



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