United H.O.M.E.E. Federation

United H.O.M.E.E. Federation

New York, NY

The United Hope of Miraculous Enlightenment and Enhancement (HOMEE) Federation (UHF) is a Community Organization founded on the core ideals of Pure Knowledge, Self-Power, Duty, Personal and Social, and insistent on the maintenance, civil engagement, and advancement of Education, Government and Activism, for the Youth, the Seasoned, the Elderly and the Scholarly, for the Self and the Collective. This is our Philosophy, Homeism, in which one may find Purpose in Life and Meaning in Living, for Difference shines true from the Inner then to the Outer. Think, Change, Act. The UHF also extends its influence through established causes: Your Mind, My Ear, Our Voice (MEV) -a cause of activism and action ; United Disaster Response Initiative (DRI) -a cause of disaster relief, in light of Hurricane Sandy

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