The Horse Foundation

The Horse Foundation

336 E Roland Dr
Glendale Heights, IL 60139

The Horse Foundation, Inc's main purpose is to save and rescue horses .... period.

We make funding, rescue and rehabilitation our main priorities for these beautiful animals .... particularly in times of despair and crisis, or when faced with an uncertain future.

We also make it a reality.


Our mission here at THE HORSE FOUNDATION is to give equines a much needed second chance....

We rescue horses from being auctioned off for slaughter, we take custody of horses abandoned / abused by their owners, placing the animals in loving foster and adoptive homes.

We make sure our horses have the proper nourishment and a safe "home" for unwanted, stray, abused and impounded horses, also educating the public about responsible animal ownership.

We will always provide spaying/neutering, as well as the horses being current on all their shots and immunizations.

We are a "no kill" foundation, and are dedicated to saving all companion animals whose lives are in jeopardy.


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