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Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy

Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy connects with 29,000 advocates on and saves historic building.


Preserve and protect the beloved David and Gladys Wright House in Phoenix, AZ


Launch petition to demonstrate public support for preserving house


29,000 sign, 20,000 opt-in to FLWBC email program, house saved!

In June 2012, the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy (FLWBC) caught wind that the David and Gladys Wright House was purchased by two developers intent on bulldozing the architectural gem to build luxury homes. When quiet behind-the-scenes efforts were stymied, the FLWBC had to go public in a big way.

In August, with city council deadlines looming, FLWBC launched a petition on to quickly recruit tens of thousands of action-taking supporters. Combined with prominent coverage in the New York Times, the petition helped generated hundreds more media mentions.

By incorporating their first online petition into a broader advocacy campaign, FLWBC was able to harness the passion of their supporters and reach a much broader audience of people interested in their cause -- while winning in a big, public way that generated momentum for future campaigns.

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