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Bread for the City

Bread for the City connects with 2,000 new supporters on to improve the lives of DC families in need.


Maximize holiday fundraising campaign with new supporters.


Sponsored Bread for the City pledge to geo-targeted DC.


110% return on their investment from new donors.

Bread for the City, a nonprofit providing comprehensive services to vulnerable residents in Washington, DC, was struggling to implement an effective online strategy that brought in new donors. In preparation of their holiday programs, Bread for the City launched a campaign on asking people to pledge support to at-risk DC residents and join their email program.

By sponsoring their campaign, Bread for the City’s pledge was strategically promoted to a target audience of potential advocates. The promotion resulted in more than 2,000 DC residents pledging to support at-risk DC families, and opting in to Bread for the City’s email program.

The individuals recruited through had email open rates double that of their house file. This high-level of engagement enabled them to convert the most passionate supporters into donors, seeing a 110% return on their investment in less than one year.

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