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    Petitioning Stockholm Court of Appeal, Joakim Johansson, Expressen, Aftonbladet, SVT, TV 4

    Wrongly accused dog wants to live. Give Snoopy a chance!

    Please read Snoopy's appeal below. This petition targets: Joakim Johansson - Head of Unit at Stockholm County Administrative Board The Court of Appeal in Stockholm Newspapers and newsstations: Expressen, Aftonbladet, SVT, TV 4 Every signature sends an email to the above-listed targets.The petition letter is the same as below, the one that Snoopy wrote.                             It is his appeal. My name is Snoopy. I really hope it is not too late for me to write this. All I ask from you is a few moments of your attention and time to read and understand my version of this sad story. I was born on a street in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina under very difficult conditions. One wonderful person saved my life. After 5 years of waiting, I got my chance for a better life in Sweden. Everything was like in a fairy tale. However, due to a fatal incident that occurred immediately after I arrived at my new home, the police took me away and I was sentenced to death at trial. Now I am alone and desperate. Everyone who knows and loves me is too far away from me. I do not have the voice to say how it happened, and the authorities who convicted me did not take all the facts into account. Even the vet’s statement that I was a peaceful dog without a shred of aggression didn’t help. What I do remember is that I was out for a walk with two other dogs and my new mommy who was riding a bike. At one point she lost her balance and fell. Then chaos ensued and I got scared. I was in shock. According to some statements, I bit someone in that fear, but I really do not know. It all happened very fast. From the beginning, I didn't stand a chance. However, three main aspects of the law were violated during my sentencing: There is no legal basis for my judgment. The decision was made on the basis of gossip and sayings. A veterinarian hired by the authorities declared me non-aggressive and favorable for further adoption so killing was not recommended. Please be my voice and tell the authorities to look at my and similar cases from several aspects and understandings. They need to understand that a new country, people and environment can be confusing and that dogs like myself need more time to fit into it all. I know I am not alone. There are many innocent dogs with similar fates. For myself and the others, help us not to end tragically. Please spread my story. The ones who love me want to see me safe and they want to know I’m alright. Can you help? With respect, Your Snoopy, the dog

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    Petitioning Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in the USA, Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Germany, Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in the Netherlands, Embassy o...

    Immediately cease the mass poisoning of abandoned dogs in the Republic of Serbia

    There are mass poisonings of animals in Serbia happening right now. The situation is alarming and we need your help. For less than 2 months more than 250 animals were poisoned on the streets of Serbia. The government is not reacting even though it has received numerous pleas asking them to investigate, by law, and to stop this cruelty. Please send a letter of concern and ask International regulatory bodies to intervene and to send a demand to the Serbian government to stop these mass poisonings.By these unlawful acts, Serbia is violating the International Rotterdam Convention that states that the use of carbofuran is prohibited. Also, this is a violation of Criminal Law of Serbia, violation of Animal welfare Law, violation of Wildlife Protection Acts and Nature Protection Acts.The government is not reacting on our demands to investigate and stop this from happening!Carbofuran is forbidden by the International Act of Chemical Review Committee - banned in Canada and the European Union, in 2008. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a ban on carbofuran because reports showed that this chemical compound killed more wildlife and animals overall than any other poison. With each signature, an email is being sent to the relevant targets. I encourage you also to send direct mails to Embassies in your country.  You will find contact addresses and text next: Embassies in Serbia:Netherlands: bel@minbuza.nlGermany: https://belgrad.diplo.de/action/rs-sr/2011078/action/Italy: segreteria.belgrado@esteri.itSpain: ambasada.madrid@mfa.rsFrance: https://rs.ambafrance.org/Kontakt-Odeljenja-za-saradnjuRussia: rusembserbia@mid.ruAustralia: embassy.canberra@serbia.org.auCanada: diplomat@serbianembassy.caAmerika: belgradeacs@state.gov UK: Belgrade.PPD@fco.gov.uk if you don't find your country on this list, please use google and type: "name of your country " + Embassy in Serbia, then find a contact page. This is the e-mail block for easier sending: belgradeacs@state.gov; Belgrade.PPD@fco.gov.uk; diplomat@serbianembassy.ca; rusembserbia@mid.ru; embassy.canberra@serbia.org.au; bel@minbuza.nl; segreteria.belgrado@esteri.it; ambasada.madrid@mfa.rs; pic@fao.org;  brs@brsmeas.org  Also, you can send a letter to the Serbian Embassy in your country.‎info@serbiaembusa.org‎info@botschaft-serbien.deembassy.hague@mfa.rskonzularno.moskva@mfa.rs The Chemical Review Committee (CRC)Rotterdam ConventionUnited National Environment Programme (UNEP)Avenue de la Paix 8-141211 Genève 10, Switzerland Food and Agriculture Organization of the UNViale delle Terme di Caracalla00153 Rome, Italy  EMAIL: pic@fao.org Secretariat of the Rotterdam Convention - UNEPOffice Address: 11-13, Chemin des Anémones - 1219 Châtelaine, SwitzerlandPostal address: Avenue de la Paix 8-14, 1211 Genève 10, SwitzerlandTel.: +41 (0)22 917 8271 - Fax: +41 (0)22 917 8098Email: brs@brsmeas.org LETTER TO SEND: COPY/PASTE IN YOUR EMAIL, ADD FEW OF YOUR WORDS / WHAT YOU FEEL ABOUT THIS SITUATION. REQUEST FOR INTERVENTION I heard about mass poisoning on the streets of Serbia and that reports were made to the Serbian Government, Police, and Sectors for control of chemicals but no one reacted.Through the investigation of poisons, it was confirmed that chemicals found on the scene (streets) are two banned components but still, they are spreading uncontrollably on streets and are continuously killing the wildlife and domestic animals and pose a danger to humans and children.The technical or chemical name of the poison is FURADAN, carbofuran is 2,3-dihydro-2,2-dimethyl-7-benzofuranyl methylcarbamate, and its CAS Number is 1563-66-2.  Mass poisoning cases of dogs, cats, and birds that happened from January to February count approximately 350 individuals. Reports of the poisoned animals are still arriving.We are very appealed and are asking for regulatory bodies of the Rotterdam Convention to intervene.My report is reflecting the NOTE requested by the Rotterdam convention committee.According to the criteria for listing banned or severely restricted chemicals in Annex III to the Rotterdam Convention, Annex II, paragraph (c)(iv), indicates that the Chemical Review Committee should consider whether there is evidence of ongoing international trade in the chemicals it reviews.In line with the process for collecting information on ongoing international trade adopted by the Chemical Review Committee at its first meeting, countries and other interested parties are invited to submit information on ongoing trade and use of the listed chemicals. CRC-12/1  Carbofuran   16.16 K36.81 K Recalling paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 7 of the Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade. I am very concerned about this situation, I will recall my visit to Serbia until this alarming situation of mass poisoning of animals is ongoing. I am very appalled with the Government of Serbia because they are not taking any responsibility and are not taking any action to stop this horrific situation, they are NOT replying nor taking action on complaints that citizens of Serbia sent to them. I am informed that there are more than 10 protests on streets by concerned citizens and the government is playing deaf to their pleas which is shameful. Please send a warning note to the Serbian Government to stop the mass poisonings and please make an intervention that is guaranteed by Rotterdam Convention. Thank you. Your name.   This was taken from http://miaorganisation.blogspot.com/2020/02/alarming-situation-in-serbia-mass.html where you can find more photos and information.

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    Petitioning Vlada kantona Sarajevo - Premijer, Kanton Sarajevo - Ministarstvo komunalne privrede i infrastrukture, Vlada Knatona Sarajevo, Skupstina kantona Sarajevo - Elvis Vreto, Inspektorat veterinarske ins...

    Urge Bosnia to stop the illegal killing of stray dogs

    This is the request to the Bosnian government regarding the stray dogs of Sarajevo canton. Sign this petition is you want to see the illegal killing of healthy, yet abandoned dogs from the streets of Sarajevo city and its surroundings banned. It is happening for a long period of time under the disguise of care from public utility company RAD and the public company Lokom, municipality of Novi Grad, Veterinary Station Reljevo. There are currently 12 dogs in the Buca Potok landfill, which RAD will hand over to Lokom, if this has not already happened. Their fate will be sealed immediately if they arrive there. That's because at Reljevo Veterinary Station, Novi Grad, dogs are killed without almost any chance of being adopted, especially now that the Prača shelter is no longer operational. Previously, Prača was the ideal cover and excuse for mass killing of the dogs on the spot. With this petition we also require: 1.) an urgent budget review regarding the financing of these two hygiene services, 2.) an urgent review of the area and conditions in which dogs reside after being caught on the streets, and 3.) the records of all the dogs caught so far on the streets and if there is a clue to their fate. The letter in Bosnian language will be sent to all the listed targets, which means that every signatures matters. Please sign this petition and spread the word among your friends and on social networks, to put the pressure on the Bosnian authorities to stop this illegal cruelty against innocent animals. Thank you!

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    Petitioning Kraljevo's mayor Predrag Terzic's office, Local city council office, Department for Environmental Protection, Veterinary inspection, Municipal police

    More than 50 dogs found dead, killed by Avenija MB. Demand this genocide to stop now!

    More than 50 dogs, almost all of them young puppies up to 3 months old, were found dead on August 1st, near the city of Kraljevo, Serbia. Only 15 more were barely still alive and rescued but 3 of them have died since then. What will happen to those who survived is still unknown because they have been starving for days and are very weak. A Belgian shepherd and a pit bull were also found at the same location as all of those puppies. This despicable and heinous crime was discovered by the local public shelter's crew. Those men say that this was not the first time they found similar horrific scenes in the same area but was definitely the worst one. Even though abandoning pets is quite a common thing in Serbia it is impossible for any individual to dispose like trash of this number of dogs. Locals couldn't do it, nor the people who were driving the busy road nearby the wasteland where the dogs were found. So, it is obvious that there is only one firm to blame and that would be Avenija MB, known by their evil deeds not only in Serbia, but even abroad as well. Kraljevo is the first town in Serbia who founded a ''no kill' public shelter more than 15 years ago and started a CNR program. Local authorities had full understanding and were ready to start solving the problem of stray dogs in the city. Since then, there were a few ups and downs but people who work in Kraljevo's public shelter always did their very best to help abandoned and abused dogs. However, many of their efforts as well as the money the local city council invested in CNR were wasted because of Avenija MB, a private firm that is located about 20 km south of Kraljevo. It is a firm that catches dogs in 60 counties in Serbia. Some of those dogs die in Avenija's shelter, some are often released at the streets of Kraljevo and the others are many times just left at the locations as the one that was discovered yesterday to die there without any food and exposed to very high summer temperatures (or cold winters). Avenija MB is literally performing genocide of a kind towards dogs in Serbia and that is a several years problem that troubles animal lovers and people who fight for their rights in Serbia. It also hurts people who are afraid of stray dogs because, no matter how hard Kraljevo's public shelter and local authorities try, it is not possible to solve the problem of that many abandoned dogs from other towns and counties that Avenija MB is simply shipping to this town. Of course, the solution won't be to find another place for Avenija to release abandoned dogs, it is to stop its work for good. All Serbian societies for animal protection are united in their fight against Avenija MB but they haven't achieved much because the owner of Avenija is a person very close to the Serbian government. Kraljevo's local society for animal protection ''Spaske'' is doing its best to provide homes at least for the 12 puppies that are still alive but it is running out of space, food and money. This society needs every help it can get to pay for vaccines and vet care, as well as for the private shelters for those little ones since puppies cannot survive in the public shelter (because the public shelter isn't a canine distemper-free zone). Please, if you can, help ''Spaske'' at (jocishandicappeddogs@gmail.com). Also, please, write to Kraljevo’s local authorities and make them finally deal with Avenija MB, make them shut it down. Tell about those terrible crimes to societies for animal protection in your countries and ask them to help in any way they find fit. Thanks to ''Spaske'' and devoted workers of the Kraljevo's public shelter, the whole world can now find out about this tragedy and let us all do more than just crying for those poor dogs. ~ Kraljevo's mayor Predrag Terzic's office: kabinet_gradonacelnika@kraljevo.org~ Localcity council office: nacelnik@kraljevo.org~ Veterinary inspection: slobo. tutin@gmail.com~ Department for Environmental Protection: leap@kraljevo.org~ Municipal police: komunalna_policija@kraljevo.org More images: https://www.facebook.com/spaskekraljevo/posts/10220032804156447 https://www.facebook.com/spaskekraljevo/posts/10220029852042646

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    Petitioning Bosnia and herzegovina

    Stop the illegal purchase of Praca and buy a shelter in Sarajevo. Not with our money!

    We sent a letter to Prime minister and two ministers, Public attorney of Canton Sarajevo and to all members od Canton Sarajevo Parliament: Being that the Public Attorney office in Sarajevo stated that the contract of lease for the shelter Praca was never in forced, meaning that all the receivables from the company Murai Comerce are unsubstantial (mora than 400.000BAM)  Being that the Public Attorney Office despite this have a positive attitude when it comes to buying the shelter in an amount larger than 1.200.000BAM, and the Sarajevo Parliament confirmed it by accepting the amending budget for the year of 2017  Being that the COMPANY Murai Comerce in 2012 in a non transparent way (and illegal?) acquired a multi million job financed by public money.  Being that by the budget scheme of Sarajevo additional 400.000BAM is confirmed for "buying out the shelter" (for what) 5. Being that the BPK veterinary inspection has prohibited further bringing of new dogs to Praca due to poor conditions  Being that the shelter Praca does not satisfy any of the conditions of a shelter that were provided in the ordinance, by that of course not the adoption conditions either  Being that the dogs who are there depend solely on volunteers, for food, water, hygiene, vet care and also adoption. 8. Being that Murai Comerce is a debtor of public taxes and income  Being that the worthless land in Praca is under mortgage  Being that not a cent has been planned for the shelter or provided to make the shelter functional and to have.  Being that the shelter is outside the canton Sarajevo, which also costs more for everyone who goes there (including the inspection, veterinarians etc. Costs such as gas, compensation for a business trip,etc.) Being that the goal of a shelter is to be a step towards adoption, we as citizens are requesting the following: Immediate steps towards a legal and transparent procedure for purchasing a cantonal dog shelter in the Canton.  Building a shelter that will comply by the ordinance and by doing so it will help the legal adoption process with the help of the volunteers. We are offering you: Help and support in every action that requires any volunteer help and the NGO, including the help with the adoption, advertising of the dogs etc, of course strictly by following the letter of the law. In case you don't do as by the regulations, we will be forced to send reports to the Prosecutor office in Sarajevo, but also to the prosecution office of BiH cause of the breaking of the Public Procurement Law.Start implementing the laws of the country that is paying you. Stop with the misuse of power, corruption, illegal spending of public money and illegal dog killings!

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