New York AIDS Coalition

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The Mission of the New York AIDS Coalition


NYAC's mission is to secure, strengthen, and enhance New York's community-based fight against AIDS and to promote the fair and compassionate treatment of New Yorkers living with HIV disease. This is a mission that has become more complex and costly as national priorities and trends change.

Since its inception in 1988, NYAC, as New York's only statewide coalition has assumed a leadership role in managing and representing tens of thousands of people living with HIV and AIDS. At a time when there are competing interests and political and social biases NYAC has been a beacon that has consistently spoken with a clear and focused voice on the issues that effect the well being, rights and entitlements of those impacted by the AIDS epidemic.

NYAC represents the broad stroke of issues throughout New York State. The scope of our membership allows us to represent the full diversity that is New York State, from newly arrived immigrants in New York City to Native Americans living in Watertown. From the beginning NYAC has been an organization that develops policy and direction from the bottom up, relying on our constituents to let us know what is important to them and what they need to make the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS better.

During the past decade NYAC has taken on many challenges and roles as the nature of the epidemic changed and the mandate from the community went from a survival mode to a more proactive stance. To encourage people to help themselves, NYAC has trained and informed thousands of people on how to successfully advocate for themselves. In addition, we have developed a technical assistance program that helps organizations develop effective strategies to strengthen their agencies and services.

Understanding the power of knowledge, NYAC has become a data bank for information about HIV/AIDS as well as issues that impact funding and legislation.



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