National Young Farmers' Coalition

National Young Farmers' Coalition

NYFC represents, mobilizes, and engages young farmers to ensure their success. NYFC works for young farmers by strengthening their social networks, helping them hone their skills through the facilitation of peer-to-peer learning, and fighting for the policies that will keep them farming for a lifetime. Social No one builds a barn alone! NYFC recognizes the integral nature of friendship in building a farming business and securing a farming community. To help young farmers get to know one another, NYFC provides online and in-person networking opportunities through events and local chapters. Policy NYFC is making certain that each and every member of Congress shakes the hands that will work American soils for the next fifty years. NYFC is introducing Congress to the nation’s future food producers and fighting for policies that help young farmers succeed. Practical One thing that’s for sure about farming is that you learn as you go: the more years you’ve been driving a horse, fixing a tractor or planning a season, the more skilled you become. Some of the most valuable lessons that farmers learn are simply from experience. That’s why the young farmers coalition is encouraging farmers to share what they’re learning in the fields through Farm Hack.


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