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The Emancipation Network fights human trafficking and slavery with empowerment, offering economic alternatives and education to rescued survivors and high risk women and girls and using products Made By Survivors to help build the worldwide abolition movement 

Our Mission Is:
• to improve the lives of survivors through economic 
empowerment and education

• to assist rescue shelters by using job programs to 
improve rehabilitation and reintegration

• to raise awareness about slavery and engage people to take action against it

• to prevent trafficking among high risk communities with  sustainable income and education

Our Solution: Social Enterprise & Economic Empowerment

The Emancipation Network helps survivors of slavery rebuild their lives after rescue, with sustainable income, education and help reintegrating into society.  We work to prevent slavery in high risk communities such as red light districts and refugee camps, by creating jobs for adults and offering education to children. 

After rescue and aftercare, the final step is to help survivors reintegrate into society.  For older teens and adults, we offer job training, fairly paid employment, and non formal education, and assist survivors in building their own sustainable businesses.  

We witness every day the transformation in survivors’ identity and behavior which result from self-sufficiency.  At first they are timid and silent, not daring to look anyone in the eye.  But after a few months, they are laughing, speaking out, and problem-solving, challenging us to match their energy and commitment.  

Survivors are involved in designing TEN products and solving production problems, and they approach this challenge with tremendous entrepreneurship. They are literally sewing and beading for their lives, propelling their entire communities toward positive change.

The Emancipation Network partners with shelters in Nepal, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Uganda and the USA, which rescue, shelter and care for the emotional and physical needs of rescued victims of slavery.  We also operate our own production center for survivors from 4 shelter partners in India, the Destiny Center.

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