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RECENT INCREASE in honour (called it horror) killings in various states of North and South India has come as a surprise to ordinary people who are under wrong impression that our society has been moving towards becoming moderate and broadminded. Why the violence against ‘love marriages’ is happening? Question is that where the lovers should go after marriage. However, as every problem has a solution, so a Delhi based organisation has come with an idea of helpline. Good news for lovers is that they will get a helping hand and compassionate voice. This helpline HAS BEEN JOINED BY OVER 11,47,000 people including media personnel, students, engineers, doctors, lawyers and human rights activists. The helpline has the number 00 91 9313784375 and is named as ‘Love Commandos’. The brain child behind this concept and its chairman Sanjoy Sachdev says, “It is high time that society should react to the indiscriminate killings at the behest of Khap panchayats in northern India or Katta Panchayats in South India or Caste Panchayats in states like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Our country image is damaging on world map due to honour killing and wayward attitude of not only Khap panchayats etc, but also some educated set blindly support them for stakes and vote bank policies. Even government lip services failed to help innocent young lives, despite promises made by leaders. Only option left for people to launch a 24 hours helpline to help youngsters chase their ideas, dreams and practice their choices. Lovers and couples who are being threatened by their families etc can take help from their helpline number. When Love Commandos' helper receives a call, he or she will immediately contact with lawyer, human right activists and police volunteer force. This helpline will provide legal help, free counseling session to face upcoming challenges. Delhi's best-known judges, lawyers of Supreme Court, media personalities, movie stars are ready to provide free services to the Love Commandos helpline. This group earlier was campaigning to promote Valentine’s Day in the city and spreading love. Anyone can take help from them but they need to work within strict guidelines of laws. Sending wrong signal, hoax calls and messages just for fun can land anyone in jail too. Call Helpline 09313784375 for details. Write to Sanjoy Sachdev Chairman Love Commandos Post Box 5702 SRT Nagar New Delhi - 110055 India You may also send contributions by way of Cheques/ DDs drawn in favour of either of the three Sanjoy Sachdev Harsh Malhotra Sonu


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