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Petitioning Councillor Rock Feilding-Mellen

Support for Article 4 Direction in respect of the Kensington Park Hotel, London W10 6HJ

Please accept this email as confirmation of my support to make the Article 4 Direction to permanent withdrawing permitted development rights at the Kensington Park Hotel (“KPH”) at 139 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 6HJ. This building has an existing “social and community use” that is much valued by the local community. I request that the Council secures its future by withdrawing the permitted development rights through an Article 4 Direction. The Council is would be justified in doing this in accordance with national policy (NPPF paras 69/70), London Plan draft policy and the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea new Core Strategy policy. The Minister for Local Government has recently written to The Campaign For Real Ale to confirm that planning authorities have powers to remove permitted rights where it is felt necessary to protect local amenity or the wellbeing of the area. In 2013, the freehold of the KPH was sold to a development company. The new freeholder has commenced court proceeding to forfeit the tenant’s lease and should it fail in its current attempt to obtain early termination of the KPH lease, the new freeholder has said it will refuse to grant a new lease when the lease comes up for renewal in January 2016. The new freeholder refuses to consider keeping the KPH open as a pub and intends to close the pub at the earliest opportunity and implement its development plans. The KPH is situated in the Ladbroke Conservation area. The current Council consultation on the Ladbroke Conservation area asserts the significance of public houses, “they create focus in the street scene and make a great contribution to the character of the conservation area both in their architecture and their use as a centre for gathering and socialising locally.” I therefore request that the Council makes the Article 4 Direction permanent to prevent the loss of the community use of the KPH and I submit that any future proposal to change the KPH from a pub to any other use should be subject to a full planning application and consultation with the public.   The National Planning Policy Framework (para 200) allows for a Local Authority to make an Article 4 Direction to remove national permitted development rights in situations where necessary to protect local amenity or the wellbeing of the area.  That is why we are calling on RBK&C to issue the Article 4 Direction NOW and protect this much loved local amenity and the wellbeing of our area.

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