JACCF\ Circassian national movement

JACCF\ Circassian national movement

CNM Based on the fact that the Circassians who were deported from their Motherland as a result of the war imposed on the Circassian nation by Tsarist Russia which resulted into the occupation of Circassia entirely (historic homeland of the Circassians), its destruction, killing, genocide, ethnic cleansing and forced deportation, a group of descendants of those who were forcibly deported and living in Jordan, out of their feeling of inherited responsibility entrusted to them by their forefathers to restore their legitimate rights, has determined to press ahead through research and following -up elements, aspects and concerns of the Circassian Question to inform the Circassians through advocacy for meetings, dialogues, seminars and conferences with the participation of the interested, specialists and experts, whether of Circassians or others in order to lay down the foundations and constituents for the unified Circassians action, and to choose the methods and means to be followed in order to place dots on letters, and to move responsibly seeking favorable opportunities for the delivery of the Circassian Question to the international arena in order to claim the rights of the Circassian nation and to preserve it from sidetracked, ignored or neglected.



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