Zacatecas, Mexico

Migrant remittances help alleviate some of the immediate symptoms of poverty, but they are not a permanent solution. They seldom succeed in creating opportunities that have a lasting effect on poverty. Mexican women living in rural high-migration communities are highly dependent on remittances.

The challenge is to break the cycle where the survival of those left behind depends on migrant remittances, by making opportunities available within communities, so that migration ceases to be the only option for the next generation.

CREA creates jobs in rural Mexico by teaching women entrepreneurs practical business skills, connecting them with experienced mentors and finding them funding and product distribution networks that will allow them to sell successfully in local and export markets.

CREA sees women entrepreneurs as the driving force in rejuvenating local economies, and the providers of a real alternative to migration.


For rural Mexican women to believe in themselves, translate their beliefs into actions, escape poverty, improve their lives and prosper.


To enable women entrepreneurs to grow profitable enterprises for their own personal and professional benefit, and that of their families and their communities.


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