Civilian Conservation Corps Initiatitive

Civilian Conservation Corps Initiatitive

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MISSION STATEMENT The mission of Civilian Conservation Corps Initiative,INC, is a 501(c)4 non-profit based in Florida, is to advocate for the re-establishment of the United States Civilian Conservation Corps(CCC) and other public sector work programs (eg.WPA,FWA)to enable our unemployed and underemployed citizens to be engaged in a practical peaceful community and national service. The purpose of this program is for the general benefit our community and nation. The CCC would aid in transforming our country toward becoming a resilient, sustainable and ecologically balanced culture. Programs like these would help this society to survive, thrive and prosper as much as we did in the 20th Century. Those who enroll in the CCC would receive job training in meaningful job skills and would be first responders in disaster relief. After it is re-established in the United States CCCI, Inc we would advocate to spread the CCC worldwide via FDR's last program the UN. rev Sept 2, 2012


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