Beyond Toxics

Beyond Toxics

1192 Lawrence St.
Eugene, OR 97402

Beyond Toxics works to guarantee environmental protections and health for all communities and residents. We expose root causes of toxic pollution and help communities find effective, lasting solutions. Our priorities • Guarantee an equal right to have clean air, clean water, unpolluted soils, safe consumer products and a healthy community in which to live. • Promote environmental and social justice and public participation in decision-making concerning public and environmental health policies. • Protect children’s health by using the precautionary principle as the standard by which policy decisions are made regarding human health and the environment. • Promote meaningful opportunities to choose non-toxic alternatives to the use, manufacture and disposal of hazardous chemicals, products, and emissions. Beyond Toxics works for all Oregonians to empower individuals and communities to find solutions that protect human and environmental health. We reach out through sponsorships and organizational assistance to community-based groups seeking to stop local environmental destruction and public health threats. Our office is located in Eugene and we serve communities throughout the state of Oregon.


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