Better Life for Egypt

Better Life for Egypt

We at Better Life for Egypt are a group of individuals who seek to utilize our energy and resources to help foster an Egyptian society defined by all forms of tolerance and social, political and religious equality. We focus our efforts on Egypt while remaining conscious of oppression in other countries. We strive to use our talents and experiences to help achieve our goals, and we work by mobilizing others and bringing people together in networks and coalitions. We have faith that we can effectively work together with Egyptians using their talents and respecting their dignity to achieve a better life for every Egyptian citizen. Our vision is to see a tolerant, prosperous Egypt full of empowered, educated citizens working together to solve their problems and living with dignity in social, political, and religious equality. Our mission at Better Life for Egypt is to use the talents of individuals, groups, and networks to encourage, educate, empower, and mobilize people to take action with and for the people of Egypt to improve their lives. We approach our mission by raising awareness; working with groups, networks, and coalitions; and taking action, while maintaining the utmost respect for Egyptians, their talents and abilities.


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