Animals' Angels

Animals' Angels

Frankfurt, Germany

The international animal rights organisation ANIMALS' ANGELS was founded in 1998.
ANIMALS' ANGELS has established permanent ‘investigation teams' that regularly carry out on-site investigations into places where animals are held, including transport vehicles, slaughterhouses, ports, border control stations and livestock markets across Europe, Canada, the USA and Australia. The investigation results are documented in reports and supported by photos and video footage; these are then submitted to the relevant authorities in order to enforce legislation or to seek further protective legislative measures.  

ANIMALS' ANGELS long-term aim is the abolition of the long distance transportation of "farm"animals.

With our motto - "we are there with the animals" - always in mind, the day-to-day work of ANIMALS' ANGELS is based on the conviction that the cruel treatment of animals is contradictory to the perceived set of values of developed nations together with our own five basic ethical beliefs of compassion, commitment, confidence, cooperation and courage. Together, they have formed an essential part of the secret behind the effectiveness and success of ANIMALS' ANGELS.


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