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Petitioning Scott Morrison

Give Temporary Migrants In Australia Equal Access To Their Super And Job Keeper Payments

We need your help to show the Government how this issue has really affected you.Please fill out this survey so we can support those economically vulnerable in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic: https://forms.gle/1rp1An9qUQgQdHJu7 We're respectfully calling on the Australian government to open up the new Job Keeper payment and early access to super scheme to 1.1 million temporary migrants in Australia who are not currently eligible. Are you affected? If you're on a 482 skilled migrant visa, 462 Working Holiday Maker visa or other temporary migrant visa, you're ineligible for financial assistance through these programs. How did this come about? In a press conference on March 30th, the Prime Minister confirmed the new Job Keeper payment will not be made available to temporary migrants other than New Zealanders. Last week the ATO confirmed the early access to super program is also closed to temporary migrants. This represents a double whammy for skilled migrants and employers facing financial hardship during this period, and has the potential to affect 1.1 million workers in Australia. Please sign this petition to help us call on the government to immediately:  Widen the eligibility for early access to super to temporary migrants, including skilled migrants on 482 visas and Working Holiday Makers Allow employed migrants on all visa classes to access the Job Keeper payments, if they fulfil all other eligibility criteria, such as time at work Why do we need this change to happen? Many temporary migrants are locked out of the vast majority of Centrelink benefits. Without access to the super safety net and the newly announced Job Keeper program, many migrants will find themselves in financial distress if made unemployed. Due to global border closures and flight disruptions, the vast majority of these temporary migrants will find it very difficult, if not impossible to return home in the near future. Temporary skilled migrants are an essential part of the Australian economy, and the government must not abandon them as this rolling crisis continues. They make a huge contribution to the strength of our economy, and society, and we must treat them with the same care and concern as we treat all Australians. Help us call on the government to immediately reverse both of these decisions to: create more certainty for employers, who have often invested heavily in attracting offshore talent, and; protect migrants, who are increasingly becoming a marginalised sector of the community as this coronoavirus crisis unfolds. Please sign this petition and show your compassion for the amazing global community of workers in our country, and share with as many people as you can so we can reach our goal of 5000 signatures and get this issue on our government's radar!!

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Petitioning The Honourable Josh Frydenberg, The Right Honourable Mel Stride

End the huge 65% super tax on young working holiday makers

Each year thousands of young overseas workers head to Australia for the famous 2 year 'working holiday', contributing to the local economy through not only tourism, but their labour. It's estimated the total value of backpackers and working holiday makers is $1.3 billion, with $770M being spent in rural communities.  Working holiday makers are expected to abide by Australia's laws, including contributing 9.5% of their earnings into Australia's compulsory pension system, superannuation. When they leave Australia, while they can freely take their take-home pay earnings, they cannot transfer the thousands of dollars of super they are likely to have accumulated to an equivalent pension plan in their country. This is not the case for Kiwis, who thanks to a trans-tasman portability scheme, are allowed to transfer the full balance of their super to an equivalent pension plan in their home country. Today, the only option available to a working holiday visa holder, to gain control of their super, is to apply for a Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP). This allows them to cash out their super, but taxes them at the extortionate rate of 65%. While many nationalities are penalised by this, UK nationals are particularly affected, with over 40,995 landing each year as part of the working holiday visa program.  For those who were on working holiday visas, then moved to a 457 visa or were sponsored by their work, which results in a slightly less DASP tax, they can still be caught out. This is because if they did not set-up an additional super fund once they got their new visa, all their contributions from both visas are taxed at 65%.  For every $1 of wealth created in Australia via super, UK Nationals could be penalised up to 65c in the dollar. UK nationals should be afforded the same right as Kiwis when it comes to transferring their wealth back home. Young people all over the world are facing a wealth crisis. It is important to end these imbalances, and stop treating UK Nationals as second class tax citizens when it comes to super. We are calling on Australia's Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and the UK's Rt Hon. Liz Truss MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury to: Allow working holiday makers from the UK to transfer the full balance of their super back to a pension scheme in the UK Get rid of the 65% DASP tax for Working Holiday makers  

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