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    Complete the Construction of the National Library of Nigeria (#FundNationalLibrary)

    For 12 years, the National Library building awarded in 2006 has not been completed. The project was awarded to  Reynolds Construction Company (RCC) in 2006 at a cost of 8.59 billion Naira (66 million USD), and it was to be completed in 22 months, but after over 11 years, the project is yet to be completed and construction has been halted. Due to this delay, the project is now estimated to cost 78 billion naira (256 million USD) It is obvious that the delay in completing the library is to the detriment of Nigeria with a population estimated to be about 200 million people. When this project is completed, it will ensure that Nigerians have access to a world-class Library and Library service which is currently non-existent, as well as a platform that ensures Nigerians have access to books Currently, a coalition of civil society organizations advocating for quality education has embarked on a campaign towards ensuring that the Federal Government of Nigeria commits to completing the National Library, and this campaign has been dubbed #FundNationaLibrary. The factors that have affected the construction of the National library are as follows: i.            Lack of budgetary allocation in some of the years ii.           Low allocation and disbursement of allocated funds iii.          Ineffective monitoring and evaluation of construction iv.          The questionable Political will to complete a project of National Importance By signing this petition, you are adding your voice to the call, asking the Federal Government to prioritize the completion of the National Library by allocating resources for its completion in subsequent budget cycles Kindly call upon the Government of Nigeria to complete the National Library of Nigeria building construction. *CSOs in the coalition: YouthHubAfrica, Connected Development, Library and You, YiSHDA, HipCity Hub, The BIHA Project, ASURI, Read 2 Succeed Africa, Basic Rights Watch, CSACEFA, Skills outside School, OneLife Initiative.  

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