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Young People For protects and promotes our nation’s core values by identifying, engaging, and empowering young leaders and activists and equipping them to work toward positive social change in their communities and across the nation.

Throughout the year, the YP4 team works with the current Fellows, offering financial and technical assistance to implement campus or community focused Blueprints for Social Justice. In addition to the support Fellows receive to work toward social justice goals, Fellows have the opportunity to:

* Enroll in career development, issue and skills courses through the Progressive Academy Online
* Learn from each other and national experts through monthly virtual town hall meetings
* Attend national progressive conferences Help coordinate quarterly regional progressive conferences for other young leaders and activists Partner with a mentor in the progressive community
* Contribute to Young People For Little Black Books©, helpful "how to" guides for young progressive activists on topics such as How to Build a Progressive Coalition on Campus

A Fellow for a Year ... A Fellowship for Life: The Young People For Alumni Program

The YP4 fellowship continues beyond the first year through the alumni program, which focuses on providing Fellows with targeted professional development, career counseling and personal strategic planning, as well as social and career networking. In the alumni program, we work to construct pipelines of progressive leadership into the nonprofit, political, social justice and private sectors, offering competitive internship stipends, support for continued campus and community activism, pilot opportunities for innovative civic engagement projects and continued mentoring within the progressive community.

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