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Yarra Bicycle Users Group is a community voluntary organisation located in the inner suburbs of Abbotsford, Alphington, Burnley, Carlton North, Clifton Hill, Cremorne, Collingwood, Fairfield, Fitzroy, Fitzroy North, Princes Hill and Richmond. We advocate on behalf of cyclists for improved cycling conditions, if you want to get involved with local cycling advocacy issues or simply want to know more about cycling, please feel free to contact us. YarraBUG is particularly interested in hearing from cyclists who may not be residents of Yarra but who commute daily through the area. Both cyclists and residents local knowledge, resources and skills are important in creating awareness and a safe cycling environment in Yarra. Listen into Yarra Bicycle Users Group Radio, broadcasting every Monday at 10am 3CR Community Radio 855am + Digital. Also streaming live on the web at 3cr.org.au, with podcasts from Tuesday/Wednesday and also available on iTunes.

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Petitioning Cr Misha Coleman

Yarra City Council - Build the missing link on the Merri Creek shared path in North Fitzroy

Yarra City Council has proposed to extend the Merri Creek shared path through Rushall Reserve from Rushall Railway Station to the existing path at the end of Holden Street, North Fitzroy. This will complete a missing link of the path, as mentioned in the councils own Yarra Bicycle Strategy 2010-15 (refer to Merri Creek Trail at Rushall Station, page 44, item 3.2) Some local residents see this as intrusive on their enjoyment of the reserve and are waging a campaign to stop this important and overdue path extension. Council recently consulted the community on design options for the path through the park, but there has been mainly a local response rejecting the proposal altogether; mainly based on their exclusive use of this public park and dubious and inflammatory arguments against bicycle riders. The shared path extension is too important for all users of Merri Creek to be derailed after waiting decades for VicTrack approval to build close to rail infrastructure. 1. Enjoyment of the Merri Creek for all Creating the shared path has resulted in enrichment of the creek environment and this has been enjoyed by thousands of people walking and riding along the creek each week The shared path and the creek environment is public land and everyone should have practical access to it – its not fair to perpetuate missing trail links that create barriers to all people’s enjoyment of the creek. 2. Connecting the shared path is important for all users Public Transport: quicker access to Rushall Station for residents in North Fitzroy, Northcote and Westgarth. Walkers, people with accessibility issues and bike riders won't have to leave the shared path and attempt to reconnect by traveling around suburban streets. 3. Shared path connection will result in good design options for the Rushall Reserve Good design of the trail will protect the bush setting of Rushall Reserve as it has along many parts of the Merri Creek. Depending on consultation outcomes, a well designed fence or barrier between path users and dogs will prevent conflict and stop dogs going onto the railway line. 4. Yarra Council’s responsibility for the reconnection Yarra Council has made commitments to other local governments adjoining the creek to fill in missing links. The proposal to extend the trail through Rushall Reserve is worth the cost, which comes from developers contributions set up to improve open space and not from Council rates. Thank you

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