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Queenslanders always come together in times of need. Support the movement to protect the public services that make our communities strong. Strong public services have been the core of Queensland’s lifestyle. As a state we have always known that there are things that we can’t achieve on our own — that to make our state great we have to come together. Working for Queenslanders is a community movement that is focused on protecting services for all Queenslanders. It unites the workers who support Queenslanders every day with the people who rely on their services.

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Petitioning Eddie McGuire

Make the commitment to call out sexist and violent language against women.

Violence directed at women is never banter. Last week Collingwood Football Club President and TV presenter Eddie McGuire made some truly disgusting comments about football writer Caroline Wilson. On the radio during the “Big Freeze at the G” where celebrities dive into an icy pool to raise money for charity, Eddie McGuire suggested that Caroline Wilson should participate and offered $50,000 if she “stays under” the water. It was yet another example of language that demean women and reinforce violence-supporting attitudes. At first, McGuire dismissed criticism of his comments as "banter" and then issued the so often heard "sorry you were offended" non-apology. The image of a women being held under water while others jump on her is not banter. It’s violent language that needs to be called out. It's language and "jokes" like this that creates a climate of violence towards women and an environment in which there is little chance for change. It is just not good enough to dismiss comments like this as banter. We need a higher standard of behaviour if we are to stop violence against women. Treating violence against women as 'banter' re-enforces harmful attitudes by men & boys towards women. Diminishing violent language is what enables violent behaviour and attitudes in the community to continue. It is the reason 1 in 3 women have experience physical violence in Australia. It’s the reason why 1 in 5 women have experienced sexual violence in Australia and it is the reason why at least 1 women a week is killed by her partner or former partner.* Joking about being violent towards a woman is disrespectful and condones violence. We need our media outlets and our sporting codes to be leaders, to be role models for respect and gender equality. Make the commitment to call out sexist and violent language against women. Sign the petition and share to show you are calling out this behaviour and help start the process to changing what is acceptable behaviour and attitudes.   * Source:

Working For Queenslanders
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Petitioning Queensland Minister for Transport Scott Emerson, Working For Queenslanders

A one year moratorium on bus service cuts to allow for proper consultation

Public transport connects people across our communities. It connects people with their schools, places of worship, community services and workplaces. Cuts to these services will mean Queenslanders can't get to the places they need to when they need to. 

Working For Queenslanders
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