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Generating awareness for woman who are multi-dimensionally high voltage dynamite energies- W.A.M. "Women Awareness Movement" International. A platform to unite all intelligent women from diverse fields according to their unique potentiality, talents, qualities and nurture those so as to motivate them towards their individual self growth. Enlightenment brings out solutions of multiform unresolved, inbuilt issues, problems and mysteries of human life including mind & fate and their control, stresses and crisis in life and society, happiness, liking others, delusion, social harmony, and path to be pursued when one is at the cross junction of life when the define path is missing. Merely by wealth one cannot procure jewels of life, which enriches us by peace and creativity. Self-efforts are the only means to climb up to achieve virtues in life and understand mysteries of life and death, scientific reasons.

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STOP SEXUAL VIOLENCE ON WOMEN IN THE GARB OF SO CALLED SWAMIS IN INDIA .http://www.change.org/petitions/prosecute-the-policemen-responsible-for-illegal-arrset-of-any-doctor-without-prorer-reason He has furnished those information at random which is not relevant whereas I have every inch information based on facts with solid evidences. . It is confirmed fact that I have never played as an impostor in my life whereas doctor is a well known impostor as the course of law may require. HE IS FOUND GENERALLY BOASTING "I AM NOT WHAT I AM.". http://www.change.org/petitions/hon-ble-prime-minister-hon-ble-chief-justice-supreme-court-to-stop-misuse-of-power-by-police-for-illegal-arrest-torture-for-money Today they no longer trap me, I am breaking their forced silence to beg it never happen to another girl again!! Please share and sign for justice!! It is the matter of life, liberty and modesty of a female!! Thank you. RAPISTS "SHAME FOR SOCIETY" by Women Awareness Movement, International Because women are universally discriminated and discouraged to be woman in fact. It is universal fact that women are equal to men in all respects. It requires universal acceptance among all nations throughout the world, whatsoever the form of government in existence there. It is significant for me as I am one of the survivors fighting against a gang of rapists, wherein everyone of them has two faces. The problem of women being raped without any consideration of age is omnipresent in all nations. It can be identified and verified at any moment. Awareness among women and making women self dependent and courageous lead to solutions. Let all women be bold and let there be none for them to scold! http://www.change.org/en-IN/petitions/stop-sexual-violence-on-women-in-the-garb-of-so-called-swamis-posing-as-ayurveda-doctor Pls sign this liplease for justice to me as there is a false petition by this so called doctor which tends to my character assassination and every time he is deleting my links which proves he is guilty and a criminal on record. NO DOUBT THIS DOCTOR HAS TWO FACES AND IS A CONFIDENCE TRICKSTER, HEREDITARY CRIMINAL, A SOPHISTICATED LIAR. These false petition are the tricks employed by him and his brothers to dupe people WHO DO NOT KNOW THE OTHER SIDE OF THE REAL STORY AND GARNER SYMPATHY. I was the victim and now that am alive i would like to share the real incidents of my story how he the doctor and his saanyasin brothers in the garb of celibate OSHO sannyasins, exploited me SEXUALLY, FINANCIALLY, PSYCHOLOGICALLY one may go to this link and know the truth for oneself or else contact me for the evidences which proves they are criminals which is on record!!! IT IS MY APPEAL TO BRING JUSTICE TO ME.....AS AM A SURVIVOR OF A GANG RAPE ...AND TO EVADE THE JUSTICE SYSTEM THESE CRIMINALS CAN STOOP TO ANY LEVEL TO DEGRADE MY FAIR REPUTATION. PLEASE DO NOTE IT IS MY CLARION CALL TO ALL THE HUMANITY LIVING ON THIS PLANET EARTH, " IF THE RIGHTS OF ONE WOMAN IS THREATENED, THE RIGHTS OF EVERY WOMEN ARE DIMINISHED"  AND WOMEN RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS!!! AS WOMAN IS THE GENESIS OF AN EMBROYO AND THESE SO CALLED PETITIONS ARE THE TRICKS PLAYED BY THIS MODERN CHARLES SHOBRAJ IN THE GARB OF CELIBATE OSHO SANNYASIN TO EVADE THE TRUTH AND THE JUSTICE SYSTEM.....for more information with evidences cntactanuragi@gmail.com But now being a survivor I do not want it to happen to any WOMEN be it eastern or western because my heart aches and a drowsy numbness pains my senses as and when the memory strikes my mind. Signing off, from the desk of an innocent survivor....  

Women Awareness Movement, International
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