Women Against Paternity Fraud

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WE, the members of Women Against Paternity Fraud believe that laws & policies surrounding paternity establishments must require truthful disclosures as to who the biological father is to prevent paternity & child support fraud. WE believe that eligibility for receipt of federal funds under Temporary Aid for Needy Families (TANF) and under the incentive formulas should require that states find the biological father instead of just any father. WE believe that state laws must provide that no paternity establishment is final unless it has been confirmed by DNA evidence. WE believe grandparents should have the right to know and establish a relationship with their biological grandchildren. WE believe that children deserve to know their medical history, heritage, and their inheritance rights. WE believe that DNA tests that excludes men from being the biological father should excuse them from paying child support and child support orders. WE believe that no man should go to jail for non payment of child support for a child that DNA tests have proven is not his. WE believe that it should never be a sufficient argument to say that it is in the best interest of any child to perpetuate paternity fraud. WE believe BOTH biological parents should be responsible for the emotional, psychological, and financial support of their children. WE believe when truth in paternity is established, equal rights and equal responsibilities will follow which is in the best interest of men, women, children, and society.

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