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Petitioning Director of Project Elephant - Government of India

Retire all of India's captive blind elephants!

India is home to more than 2,500 captive working elephants. An estimated 20%+ of these are blind in one or both eyes. It’s long past time to retire these elephants and give them the compassionate care, medical treatment and rehabilitation they deserve! Blind elephants have a unique problem that should preclude them from being worked and exploited. The fact that they can’t see means that every step they take is perilous. They could fall into a pothole, collide with a motor vehicle, and/or step onto sharp objects like glass or nails.  Swinging their trunk could result in hitting people or objects that they can not see. This can result in trauma to the nerves and muscles of the trunk, causing paralysis and other serious injuries.   Vision is essential for navigating roads, carrying people, and working events like weddings and festivals. It is both cruel to blind elephants and hazardous to the public to have these animals forced to work in these conditions. It doesn’t have to be this way! India has strong laws to protect elephants. Retiring these elephants is not only the right ethical decision to make, but also, according to the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, it is the action that should be taken according to existing laws. These elephants should be retired and given a life where they are pampered and cared for. There is a precedent for this. Eight blind elephants  (Lakhi, Bhola, Karma, Suzy, Holly, Karma, Arya and most recently, Nina) have been sent to Wildlife SOS to receive ongoing medical treatment.    It is estimated that in India hundreds of elephants are blind and forced to work in hazardous situations. It is time that the government take action and move these elephants into retirement where they can receive the care they both need and deserve. Demand action now, and be sure to subscribe for updates!

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Petitioning United States Department of the Interior, U​.​S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Ban the trade in elephants skins!

Deb Haaland, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Martha Williams, Principal Deputy Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Disturbingly, the sale of elephant skins is growing around the world, especially in the United States. What’s even more shocking is that this sale is legal. While international agreements ban the trade of elephant Ivory, they do not ban the trade of elephant skins and other body parts. We think this is preposterous, and we’re sure you do, too. Elephant skins are used to make everything from wallets and purses, to gun holsters and boots. It is an abomination that the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) has not made the trade in all elephant body parts illegal. Left unchecked, this trade will continue to threaten the existence of all elephants, particularly Asian elephants. The United States can lead the way for the protection of endangered wild elephant populations. As world leaders, Secretary Haaland and Deputy Director Williams are in positions to force CITES to ban the trade of ALL elephant body parts, not just ivory. They can also ban the import of all elephant body parts into the United States, greatly impacting the demand for elephant skins. Please ask Secretary Haaland and Deputy Director Williams to act now! Your signature will help stop the international trade of elephant skin and save the remaining Asian elephants! And please be sure to subscribe to Wildlife SOS email by checking the box on the right, or visiting subscribe.wildlifesos.org

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Petitioning Lokanath Behera

End the outrageous use of bombs concealed in fruit that kill elephants in India

WILDLIFE SOS OFFICIAL PETITION - Call to end the outrageous use of crude bombs concealed in fruit that kill elephants! If you love elephants, you've probably heard about the tragic and senseless killing of a pregnant wild elephant in Kerala, India. This beautiful 15 year old elephant was experiencing her first pregnancy when she left the Silent Valley National Park in search of food. The hungry expecting-mother was likely excited when she smelled the delicious ripe pineapple. When she tried to take a bite, the crude "country bomb" exploded inside her mouth, shattering her jaw and causing mortal injuries to her mouth, tongue and sensitive trunk, leaving her in senseless pain. In agony, she walked around for days, unable to eat because of her injuries. She eventually went to a river looking for relief from the excruciating pain, where she slowly sunk to her watery grave. As an elephant lover, I don't have to remind you this is unacceptable. We're outraged, and we must take effective action! We MUST stop the appalling and illegal use of these explosive indiscriminate killers! Demand a full investigation of the crime and prosecute those responsible. Enforce laws banning the use of explosives to control wildlife conflict. Stop the sale and purchase of materials used in the creation of locally-made explosives and home-made bombs. Encourage awareness and education of humane methods to manage human-wildlife conflict, instead of ruthless revenge-killings. Crude "country bombs" are inserted inside fruits like water melons, papayas, and pineapples then left near fields by local farmers in rural areas to control wild boar that eat their crops. The practice is illegal! The explosives indiscriminately kill other wildlife like bears, elephants and even people. The choice of juicy ripe pineapples helps mask the smell of gunpowder, but it is particularly alluring to elephants and bears. Wildlife SOS is offering ₹ 100,000 Rs for information that results in the conviction of this elephant's killer! Take action now! Demand a full investigation and ongoing enforcement! Learn more about Wildlife SOS

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