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Petitioning M. Bahadur Khadka

Help Us Save Nepal's Last "Dancing Bear"

A few months ago, news broke that Nepal’s last two "dancing bears" had been seized from a brutal life of performing on the streets. Although getting these bears off the streets was a victory, it wasn't nearly enough. Because Nepal's government hasn't given the necessary provisions to transfer the bears to Wildlife SOS, an organization that is expert in rehabilitating and treating "dancing bears, one of the bears has died. The Indian government had already approved the repatriation of these bears, but the final permission to move them across the border into Nepal has been stuck. The bear's death was completely avoidable. It is imperative that the remaining sloth bear be transferred to our Agra Bear Rescue Facility before he too perishes The term "dancing bear" is a true misnomer. These bears are not dancing; they are in fact responding to pain being inflicted upon them by their owners, usually through a coarse rope run crudely through their muzzle after it's been pierced. "Dancing bears" usually have had their teeth smashed out and are malnourished as well. These bears have been psychologically traumatized, and have no understanding of how to even act like a bear — including what foods to eat, how to climb a tree, even how to interact with other bears. We've rescued nearly 630 dancing bears over the years, so we know what they need psychologically, emotionally, and physically. In fact, Wildlife SOS, with the help of our supporters, eradicated the "dancing bear" practice in India in 2009 when we rescued Raju (pictured in the photo). Raju was India's very last dancing bear. He is still in our care. Now we want to ensure that the last dancing bear in Nepal has the same opportunity to enjoy a long life under our care. Help us bring him someplace he can get state-of-the-art medical attention, where he can have some space to roam, where he can share the company of other bears and get the love that he deserves. Help us give Nepal's last "dancing bear" the chance to actually be a bear.  

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Petitioning President of the United States

Tell President Trump to Reinstate the U.S. Ban on Elephant Hunting Trophies!

Last fall we learned that President Trump's administration planned to lift the U.S. ban on importing elephant hunting trophies from two African countries, Zimbabwe and Zambia. After much public scrutiny and pressure, the president later expressed dismay at the idea and said he would reinstate the ban. Now he has changed his mind again, and will allow importing "trophies" (i.e., dead elephant body parts) from South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, and Namibia (in addition to trophies of dead lions and bonteboks from South Africa). Please help us fight this act by emailing the President and asking that he reconsider once again.  Elephants have been under siege around the world for centuries, and their numbers have dropped perilously in Africa. Savanna elephant populations recently decreased by an astounding 30% in less than 10 years (from 2007 to 2014, according to the Great Elephant Census). Clearly we need to strengthen the chances for these magnificent beings, not dump the few protections we already have for them. President Trump has stated that lifting the ban on elephant trophies actually helps the species from a conservation standpoint. This makes no sense. We’re at a time where every individual elephant is critical to the survival of the species. Killing elephants to save them is not viable, sensible, or moral.  But all conservation issues aside, there's no conceivable situation where the slaughter of these intelligent, compassionate, and sentient creatures could ever be condoned. And the vast majority of people agree; in the United States alone, 83% of those recently polled support the ban on elephant trophies. In Canada, the support is even higher. And in India? Trophy hunting is already illegal. The fact is that this law is one of the very few protections provided for an embattled species already dangerously close to extinction. Please do what you can to see that this ban is reinstated as soon as possible. It starts with signing the petition and spreading the word.  Thank you so much, All of us at Wildlife SOS

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Petitioning The Guruvayur Devaswom Board, guruvayurdevaswom@rediffmail.com , devaswom.guruvayur@gmail.com

Guruvayur: Stop Encouraging the Poaching of Baby Elephants!

The Guruvayur Devaswom Temple in Kerala, India, recently announced it would accept baby elephants as “donations,” even though this temple already owns 52 elephants. Allegations of mistreatment and neglect in Kerala include violent beatings, isolation, starvation, overwork, and cruelty involving near-medieval implements: spears, bull-hooks, and spiked chains. The results are horrific: Since 2016, thirty-eight captive elephants in Kerala have died. And the cruelty isn’t limited to captive elephants. Wild elephants in Kerala are also victimized, mired in a losing war against habitat loss and continual poaching — with young elephants being torn from their mothers and entire herds sold into slavery at temples like Guruvayur. (For more information on the threats facing wild elephants in India, see our Huffington Post editorial here.) In a state famously called “God’s own country” for its stunning natural resources — where elephants are revered as gods — the idea that temples are devastating wild elephant populations and chaining, torturing, and in some cases killing elephants is nothing short of horrendous. Please stand up for compassion and demand the Guruvayur temple stop accepting young elephant calves — for their sake as well as the dwindling wild populations from which they are stolen. Please sign our petition.

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Petitioning Mr. Saurabh Rao

Protect India's wildlife from open wells!

Thousands of animals die every year because they fall into deep uncovered wells. Uncovered wells are also a hazard to children.   Covering wells will save leopards, bears, hyenas, snakes and many other species. Although this pregnant leopard was rescued from drowning in the well.  She later died from the injuries she suffered from falling the 60 feet into the well.      

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Petitioning Shri Narendra Modi ji

Save sacred elephants from being tortured and abused in India

Despite India's progressive animal protection laws (considered to be the best in the world), elephants in the country are suffering unimaginable cruelties in the name of tradition. These sacred and holy elephants are beaten and enslaved in ‘training’ camps located in Kerala and Karnataka. Many elephants have languished there for decades, chained to concrete pillars or trees. Some of them are babies who have been poached from their mothers, put in chains and beaten with rods to break their spirit. Their lives are filled with misery and despair. An article in The Daily Mail Newspaper recently highlighted the story of 57 of these elephants who have been suffering for years in the name of tradition. Click here for story. Please join Wildlife SOS in requesting the Prime Minister of India and the Forest Minister to ensure cruel practices of training and management are legislated by using existing laws that must be extended to apply to elephants held privately used for processions, begging and tourism and have the elephants live out their lives in a sanctuary setting where humane management techniques are practised and the elephants receive the dignity they deserve.

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Petitioning Mr. Amrit Tripathi, IAS

Help Us Save a Tortured Elephant: SUCCESS!

We updated you yesterday on Mohan's newfound freedom as he was on the road to his new life at the Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Mathura. Now he's arrived -- and your support helped us get him there immensely. Thank you again.  At this point we are officially closing the petition. If you would like to continue your support for Mohan -- and he really needs it, suffering from a host of health issues based on decades of neglect and abuse -- please see our donate page, here:  http://bit.ly/2bcH6kd And if you want mobile updates on Mohan and all of our elephant rescues, please text WILD to 51555 on your phone.  Thank you again, Mohan supporters! Together we did it.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Imagine being ripped away from your mother’s side as a baby and spending the next 50 years of your life in chains. That is the story of Mohan, a 56-year-old bull elephant who has spent almost his entire life in captivity. Mohan has been worked, tortured, and abused by his owner. Having lost custody of Mohan in a recent court case, his owner, Mr. Bhupendar Mishra, has now filed an appeal that threatens to delay his release and could even keep him chained up for the rest of his life. We are asking District Magistrate Amrit Tripathi to throw out Mr. Mishra’s appeal to reclaim his elephant  and release the elephant to our rescue center. We are Wildlife SOS, an organization dedicated to saving India’s wildlife. We previously started a petition to keep Raju the “crying elephant” from being returned to his cruel owners. And, after nearly half a million signatures, we won that battle! However, the story wasn’t all good news. We couldn’t rescue Mohan, Raju’s companion who also endured the same horrible treatment. Mysteriously, Mohan disappeared during our final rescue attempt and we were unable to locate him till recently. Now we need your help. The court has already stripped Mr. Mishra’s right to keep him, but he has appealed the judge's ruling and wants to keep Mohan living a life of misery. But there is still hope. The judge can throw out his case and order Mohan into our custody. That’s where all of you come in! We need your support to help ensure Mohan’s release. As a young elephant Mohan lost the freedom that every wild animal deserves. And for 50 years he has endured injuries, beatings, malnourishment, dehydration and even been forced to eat plastic. This is not how life should be for such a majestic creature. Join Wildlife SOS and ask District Magistrate Amrit Tripathi to throw out Mr. Mishra’s case and allow Mohan to enjoy the rest of his life in peace.

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Petitioning Shri Akhilesh Yadav, Der ehrenwerte Premierminister, Regierung von Uttar Pradesh

Lassen Sie Raju, den weinenden Elefanten, in Freiheit leben!

Verhindern Sie, dass sie Raju wieder in ein Leben voller Kummer und stacheliger Ketten zurückschicken!  Wir haben Raju gerettet, nachdem er um die 50 Jahre angekettet lebte, geschlagen und von Bettlern in Indien gefangen gehalten. Die Geschichte seiner Rettung verbreitete sich rasend schnell online. Der misshandelte Elefant weinte vor Freude, dass er endlich freikam und in der liebevollen Umgebung unserer Elefantenstation leben konnte. Als wir ihn befreiten war er dem Tod nahe. Er war abgemagert, dem Verdursten nahe und sehr schwach. Trotz seiner Zerbrechlichkeit war er gezwungen worden auf den Strassen zu betteln und wurde ich Ketten mit Stacheln gehalten. Jetzt versucht die grausame Besitzer, ihn wieder zu bekommen - mit einer Klage am Allahabad-Gericht. Viele von Ihnen haben damals Wildlife SOS geholft, Raju zu befreien und in unsere Obhut zu bringen. Jetzt brauchen wir erneut Ihre Stimme, damit er weiterhin frei sein kann. Die Gerichtsverhandlung wurde immer wieder vertagt und obwohl Raju derzeit sicher ist bei unseren Mitarbeitern im Elefantenzentrum in Mathura, kann dass Gericht bereits am 27. Oktober eine Entscheidung treffen (Entscheidung verschoben vom 22. September und 13. Oktober). Bitte zeichnen Sie, um von dem Uttar Pradesh Ministerium für Wälder und den Regionalregierungen zu fordern: Lasst Raju in Freiheit leben!

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Petitioning Shri Akhilesh Yadav - The Honourable Chief Minister, Government of Uttar Pradesh

Keep Raju the crying elephant free!

Don't let them put Raju back into a life of misery and spiked chains! We rescued Raju after he spent approximately 50 years chained up, beaten, and help captive by beggars in India. His rescue story went viral online because this abused elephant was crying tears of joy when he was finally set free in a loving environment at our elephant sanctuary. At the time of his rescue he was near death. He was emaciated, dehydrated and exhausted. Despite his frailness, he was forced to beg on the streets and was being kept in spiked chains. Now the cruel person who had illegal custody of him is trying to get him back through the Allahabad court. You helped free him once by supporting Wildlife SOS campaigns and our sanctuaries. We need your voice once again to keep his freedom. There have been delays in the court system, and although Raju is currently safe with our staff at the Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Mathura, a decision may come down from the court as early as November 3 (this is the rescheduled date following court delays again on September 22, October 13, and October 27). Please sign to tell the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department and State governments to keep Raju free!

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