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The Wildlife Conservation Society saves wildlife and wild places worldwide. We do so through science, global conservation, education, and the management of the world's largest system of urban wildlife parks, led by the flagship Bronx Zoo. Together, these activities change attitudes towards nature and help people imagine wildlife and humans living in harmony. WCS is committed to this mission because it is essential to the integrity of life on Earth.

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Petitioning U.S. House of Representatives

Make Bison our National Mammal

The bison is a powerful symbol of America. Not only is it the largest land mammal in the country, it helped shape the Great Plains and the lifestyle of the Native Americans who lived there. Bison have been important for centuries to our history and culture, and today, they live in all 50 states. The iconic bison is impeccably qualified to join the bald eagle as a symbol of the United States - but we need your support to make it happen. Please join this historic grassroots campaign: Ask your Representatives to co-sponsor the National Bison Legacy Act today.

Wildlife Conservation Society
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Petitioning Sally Jewell

Save elephants: Support the U.S. ivory ban!

Most people think ivory was outlawed in the U.S. back in the 1980s. Most people…are wrong.  Truth is, the United States is still among the largest markets in the world for ivory sales. And it’s killing elephants. 96 of them, every single day. Legal markets that allow sales of old ivory provide perfect cover for the trafficking of new ivory. It is absolutely critical we shut down these markets – the very survival of African elephants depends on it. Stopping the sale of ivory in the U.S. is long overdue. Tell the Obama administration that you support the ban on ivory sales. We'll submit your name, zip, and comment to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. All comments become part of the public record.

Wildlife Conservation Society
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