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Every year thousands of endangered animals are killed for their skins, ivory, fins, and other body parts to satisfy the global market for illegal wildlife products. WildAid’s goal is simple and specific, to eliminate the illegal wildlife trade and allow threatened species to recover to safe levels.

We believe that the ecological damage, cruelty and corruption involved in the illegal wildlife trade are both unnecessary and morally unacceptable - that these activities constitute a theft from future generations.

We believe that it is the duty of both the governments and citizens of wealthier nations to provide technical and financial support to less wealthy nations to protect our common heritage.

We want a world where our invaluable natural riches are not ravaged, one in which local communities can improve their lives without destroying their environment, and where humanity can survive together with wildlife for generations to come.

Educate yourself and others on how local threats impact the global ecosystems.
* Never buy products that come from endangered species and tell your family and      friends to do the same.
* Avoid food that comes from endangered species like shark fin and turtle soup, tiger meat and bear paws.
* Seek alternatives to traditional medicine that contain extracts of tigers, bears, sharks and rhinos.
* If you see products from endangered species on sale, inform the relevant authorities.
* Warn potential buyers of these products that they risk fines and jail if they are caught.

So that you know what products NOT to buy, a concise list of all endangered species (plants and animals) can be found by logging on to the following websites.
United Nations Environmental Programme - World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species

For more information about WildAid and how you CAN help, go to

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