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    Please Help Save Bella and any other animals impacted by this

    In several incidents that have been posted on social media, a young male is seen being very aggressive with a young German Shepherd.   Other similar instances have said to take place with a cat and a pitbull.  The video footage shows him yelling at the dog, getting close to the dogs face and then hitting her head.  We wonder who is filming this and why they are not stepping in. This dog was initially removed from the house, but was subsequently placed back into the house.   We are demanding action be taken not only for the actions seen on video, but also for what may have happened off camera, as well as the other individuals who may have been home at the time.  We also think that the parents should be talked to as no child should do this to a defenseless animal. Please visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Please-Help-Bella-in-Texas-103773004733813   Also view the following..... Child Protective Services, Harris County phone number: (713) 394-4000 Caseworker for Bella - Investigator Kreysel: (281) 342-3411 Fort Bend County Constable Precinct 3:(281) 238-1430 Houston Humane Society - where Bella was evaluated - (713) 433-6421 Mayor Sylvester Turner's Facebook: messagehttps://www.facebook.com/houstonmayor/ Mayor Sylvester Turner's phone number:(713) 837-0311 Mayor Sylvester Turner's email:sylvester.turner@houstontx.gov Governor Greg Abbott's Facebook: messagehttps://www.facebook.com/TexasGovernor/ Governor Greg Abbott's phone number:(512) 463-2000 Send a message to Governor Greg Abbott:http://gov.texas.gov

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