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Sheldon Whitehouse came to Washington to fight for Rhode Island. And from day one, that’s what he’s done. At community dinners all over our state, at veterans’ breakfasts, senior centers, and in our neighborhoods, we’ve told him what matters to us — and he listened. When we needed someone to stand up for our jobs, to protect seniors struggling to make ends meet, to support consumers and homeowners, or to help our communities recovering from devastating floods, Sheldon listened — and he’s been there for us.


Putting Jobs First

The difficult economy has affected all of us, and Sheldon has been working with Rhode Island’s manufacturing community and small businesses to create and keep jobs here in the Ocean State. Through his Making It in Rhode Island initiative, Sheldon’s heard from business owners all over our state, and he’s bringing our voices and our priorities to Washington: fighting China’s unfair trade practices, supporting Rhode Island’s Manufacturing Extension Program (RIMES), and pushing for legislation that helps small businesses obtain capital and keep their doors open. He has focused on creating Rhode Island’s clean energy jobs of the future, and has introduced a bill to end corporate tax breaks companies receive when they ship jobs overseas.


Supporting Rhode Island’s Seniors

Rhode Island’s seniors deserve representatives in Washington who will protect Medicare and Social Security. We know where Sheldon stands: he voted against the destructive Republican plan to end Medicare as we know it, which would raise prescription drug costs for 17,000 Rhode Island seniors. Because every little bit counts, Sheldon made sure legislation giving tax breaks to working Americans included support for seniors, too. And as a co-founder of the Defend Social Security Caucus, he will always fight against attempts to risk Social Security on Wall Street.


Siding with Consumers and Homeowners

All too often, we’ve seen powerful interests take advantage of consumers. Sheldon has been a true friend to Rhode Islanders facing financial challenges, supporting legislation to give homeowners more leverage to renegotiate mortgages and standing up for consumers victimized when credit card companies raise interest rates through the roof.


Standing with Our Troops — On the Battlefield and At Home

Sheldon believes our troops deserve a strategy worthy of their sacrifice, and he kept his promise to put pressure on President Bush to bring our troops home from Iraq. And he knows that when our troops have served unhesitatingly in the field, they shouldn’t have to face the threat of foreclosure when they come home. When banks continued to illegally foreclose on active duty military families, Sheldon introduced legislation to significantly raise the penalty on any bank that foreclosed on families with a servicemember on active duty. He has also co-sponsored legislation that creates a benefit for employers who hire veterans.


Helping When We Need it Most

Last year’s flooding in Rhode Island was devastating, hurting both homeowners and small businesses. Sheldon worked with his partners in Rhode Island’s congressional delegation to secure millions of dollars in federal funds for Rhode Island flood relief. Sheldon is also dedicated to using his office to help Rhode Islanders navigate the federal bureaucracy and cut through red tape, from fighting for their medical care, protecting Social Security benefits, or stopping a foreclosure.


That's just the beginning of what Sheldon’s done — and just the beginning of what he will do in Washington. We know he’ll always stand up for us, because he always has. He’s been a tireless advocate — fighting polluters, protecting consumers, and working to make our health care system work better.


Before his election to the Senate in 2006, Sheldon served as Rhode Island’s Attorney General and U.S. Attorney. He holds a B.A. from Yale and a J.D. from the University of Virginia.


Sheldon and his wife Sandra, a marine biologist and environmental advocate, live in Newport. They are the proud parents of two children.


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