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Petitioning Banks

Take a stand against bank transfer scams

Our ‘Safeguard us from scams’ campaign is urging banks to do more to protect customers who are tricked into transferring money to a fraudster. If you were conned into transferring money to a scammer you have no legal right to get your money back from your bank. Unlike credit or debit card fraud, banks haven’t developed sufficient security checks for bank transfers. To boost our campaign, we’ve made an official super-complaint to the financial regulator. We want to ensure that banks do more to protect customers who are tricked into transferring money to a fraudster. Victims are losing life-changing amounts of money to bank transfer scams. We need your support, so please sign the petition today.  

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Take a stand against scams

Fraud is now at record levels, with more than five million scams costing Brits a mind-boggling £9bn each year. While there are sensible steps we can all take to protect ourselves, an unfair burden has been placed on the public. Even the savviest of people can be scammed. It’s important that the government and businesses take their responsibilities seriously and step up to safeguard us all.​ Which? found that the majority of people (85%) think companies must take an equal or greater responsibility in protecting us from online scams. This and the results of our own investigations are why we're calling on the government to investigate how seriously companies take their responsibility to protect customers from scams.

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Big supermarkets: Put an end to misleading pricing

From dodgy multibuys to shrinking products, Which? has found supermarkets using misleading pricing tactics to manipulate our spending. That’s why we made a super-complaint to the regulator asking them to put an end to misleading pricing tactics. Sign our petition to show your support.

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Petitioning x

Fuel tests we can trust

Volkswagen has come under fire for cheating official car pollution tests. Rigging the tests enabled them to hide the fact that their diesel cars produce pollution up to 40 times the legal limit in the US. Officials have admitted that 1.2million Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat diesel vehicles in the UK are affected. Many customers are concerned that the car they bought is neither as clean or green as they were told. Which? are calling for the introduction of new fuel emissions and economy tests that we can trust. We also want an independent investigation into the VW scandal and action to make sure that affected customers can get redress. Our campaign has been backed by over 65,000 people. We’ve already convinced other car manufacturers to deny their involvement in rigging tests and the UK Boss of VW to admit that information for customers must improve. Are you affected? Help us keep the pressure on Volkswagen and the Government by signing our petition today.

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