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    Claremorris Chamber of commerce mind your own business

    Dear Claremorris chamber of commerce, your organisation recently sent an email to a number of Galway County councillors trying to influence a vote of Galway County Council on September 24th.  I am asking you to respectfully mind your own business.  There are 11,000 members of The Quiet Man Greenway group on Facebook who really would like you to keep your nose out of the affairs of Galway East, 22,000 people have signed an online petition asking for  greenway on the closed railway, so please as politely as we can say.  Mind your own business up there in Mayo and try to do something for your own town, oh and by the way we understand quite a lot of businesses in Claremorris actually support the greenway campaign, go talk to them.  Thank you.

    Western Rail Trail
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    Petitioning Kevin Kelly, Shane Ross, Department of Transport

    Please don’t waste taxpayers money rebuilding the railway bridge at Ballyglunin!

    It was reported in regional press in July that the Ballyglunin Railway Bridge in county Galway on the route of the closed railway from Athenry to Sligo is going to be re-built to a standard for trains to traverse at a cost of over one million Euro. With no plans to re-open the railway line, and every chance the route will become a greenway, we are asking that the bridge only be re-built to accommodate the new greenway for the time being, this will cost considerably less, and if a railway becomes possible in the distant future then that will be the time to re-build the railway bridge. Please don’t waste our tax payers money on a railway standard bridge that is simply not needed at this point in time.  Build a greenway standard footbridge as part of the Western Rail Trail project!

    Western Rail Trail
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    Petitioning Iain Douglas county planner, Peter Hynes County Manager, Lisa Chambers TD, Dara Calleary TD, Enda Kenny TD, Minister Michael Ring TD, Minister for transport Shane Ross, Cllr Michael Smyth, Cllr Sea...

    Greenway on the closed for 40 years railway line from Swinford to Charlestown now please!

    Following extensive public consultation in 2012 The Swinford Vision for the Future survey was published. Over 1,000 people were surveyed in the Swinford/Charlestown area for this really important survey which Mayo county council partly sponsored.   One of the main recommendations of the Survey was to create a greenway (walking and cycling trail) on the closed railway from Swinford to Charlestown, connecting two neighbouring Mayo towns with a traffic free pedestrian and cycling route.  In 2013 Mayo county council received almost 300 submissions on the county plan asking for a greenway on this route; Mayo County Council refused to adopt this simple idea for the county plan despite massive public support.  With plans for a greenway from Sligo to Charlestown on the closed railway, which is supported by Sligo County Council, we now call on Mayo County Council to support a greenway from Charlestown to Swinford on the closed railway.  We want a free to use greenway on the closed railway nothing else. A simple footpath and cycle for citizens to enjoy free of charge. It’s not rocket science.  Use the closed railway to create new life in the area with a greenway from Swinford to Charlestown.  If you support this idea then please sign this petition to Mayo county council, to the four Mayo TDs and to the Minister of Transport.  Thank you.

    Western Rail Trail
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    Petitioning Peter Hynes, Shane Ross, Joe Kelly, Lisa Chambers TD, Michael Ring TD, Dara Calleary TD, Enda Kenny TD, Iain Douglas

    Put a walking and cycling path for everyone to enjoy parallel with Kiltimagh Velorail

    A new project is commencing on the closed railway near Kiltimagh county Mayo. The project sponsored by Kiltimagh IRD is being funded by a grant secured with the help of Mayo Minister Michael Ring.  The velo-rail project on the closed railway for 6 km either side of Kiltimagh is welcome and will bring visitors into the town; however, we also ask that in order to make the facility socially inclusive for the local communities that a walking and cycling track (greenway) should be placed alongside the closed railway so that locals can use the facility as a free to use leisure facility, and to ensure connectivity to the greenway proposed for the entire route of the closed railway from Athenry to Collooney.  Mayo county council received 284 submissions on the county plan in 2012/13 asking for a greenway on this route, there is huge public support for this idea and we therefore ask for the views of the observers on the county plan to be respected.

    Western Rail Trail
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    Petitioning Shane Ross TD, Peter Hynes, Kevin Kelly, Paschal Donohoe, Minister Heather Humphries, Sean Kyne TD, John Halligan, Kevin boxer Moran, Leo Varadkar, Sean Canney, michael ring, enda kenny, Lisa chamb...

    Create a walking and cycling greenway on the closed railway from Sligo to Athenry

     The closed railway line from Sligo (Collooney) to Athenry has been closed for over four decades and is lying in waste. There is very little hope it will ever be opened as a railway again.  People along the route in small towns and villages in the West of Ireland want to see something happen. They have seen the success that greenways on old railways can achieve, a new facility re-inventing the closed railway will bring civic pride to these towns and villages, creating a public space to enjoy.    This project will create many jobs in tourism, a proven fact as greenways the world over attract tourists. We want to know why Galway East TD Sean Canney is trying to stop the tourism jobs that will be created, We want to know why Mayo county council effectively ignored nearly 300 submissions on the county plan asking for a greenway and still won't listen.  We are asking you to sign our petition to the Irish Minister of Transport Shane Ross to say please make this simple project happen.  Minister ask your Independent Alliance colleague Sean Canney why he is opposed to the Greenway.  Mayo cllrs ask your county management why they are stopping this initiative. The new national development plan says there will be another report into the Western Rail Corridor the terms of reference for this report must at least include a greenway as an option.  The Minister still hasn't got this report produced!   Minister, you need to start listening to people in Galway, Mayo and Sligo.  Mayo Cllrs you need to start listening to people in Mayo.  There is not going to be a railway we want a greenway.

    Western Rail Trail
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