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Petitioning James Rogers, Next.plc and Trinity Hall

Save Waltham Abbey's Green Belt, roads & environment from the Next development EPF/1413/18

We the undersigned oppose building a Next Distribution Centre in Waltham Abbey, application no. EPF/1413/18, on these grounds: We oppose the use of green belt land - building on the proposed site will lead to a loss of green space, wildlife habitat and crop yield Increased traffic will lead to more pollution, more congestion and more damage to our roads Economic benefits, including employment and tax revenue, may have been overstated and don't take many wider costs into account. What to expect if the development goes ahead Traffic chaos – Waltham Abbey already suffers from serious traffic congestion and cannot take any more. Over 700 extra HGVs per day – if these were to be queued bumper-to-bumper the Next HGV queue would stretch for over 7 miles (the same distance as Waltham Abbey to Loughton). Loss of Green Belt – the development would mean an irreplaceable loss of farmland. The Green Belt grows 52% of the UK's food yet there is still a £30 billion annual food trade deficit. Loss of Wildlife Habitat – the development would lead to the loss of trees and hedgerows. 1 in 10 types of wildlife are facing extinction. The damage to wildlife habitats is unlikely to be adequately mitigated. Reduction in Air Quality – the vehicles serving the distribution centre are responsible for highly damaging emissions which is a danger to the health of Waltham Abbey residents, contributes to global warming and causes permanent damage to the environment. For more information about the proposed development and ways you can help please visit the Waltham Abbey Community Campaigns website: walthamabbeycampaigns.org.uk/next/

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