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    Save The Cats Of Raj Bhavan | Karnataka

    The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike | BBMP, Received A Strongly Worded Letter, From An Official Of The Raj Bhavan, To Immediately Capture And Rehabilitate The Cats; Whose Home Area, Is The Raj Bhavan. As Per The Article Featured In The Deccan Herald, A Source From The Raj Bhavan Stated That; “The cats are very aggressive and cause trouble whenever the Governor goes out for a walk, especially with his dogs. The cats have even injured the dogs. The halls and private residence of the Governor and VIPs are littered with dirt due to these cats” We Are Nothing But Truly Saddened To Learn That, The Governor’s Companion Dogs Are Troubled By The Cats, And That They Have Been Injured By Them; And We Hope That The Dogs Have Healed And Are Feeling Better. A Copy Of The Letter Accessed By The Deccan Herald, Also Stated That; “Raj Bhavan is witnessing an increased cat menace in recent times and we request you to trap these cats and rehabilitate suitably.” With Due Respect, Bearing The Sensitive Situation With The Human And Animal Conflict, And As Importantly, The Increasing Transgressions Towards Animals, Particularly With Free Roaming Abandoned And Feral Animals; A Request Such As This, Is Not Only Disconcerting, But Dangerous. With The Overbearing Implications Of The Human Population On Our Natural World, If Every Citizen Of Our Nation Were To Say That, Our Free Roaming Feral Animals Are An Inconvenience To Their Children, Their Companion Animals And To Them, Because Of Their Aggression And Because They Litter And Dirty Their Living Space, We Need To Ask Ourselves, This; ‘Where Might They Go?’ If Mr. Vajubhai Vala, As A Citizen In Public Service And Office, Would Standby Such Unlawful And Unconstitutional Requests; It Would Embolden Common Citizens To Question, Dismiss And Undermine Our Law And Our Constitution. We Do Understand That, There Are Concerns; Which Could And Should Be Dealt With, Rightfully And Lawfully, With Compassion And Sustainable Measures. Bearing Which, We Request That, Precedence, Be Set With This Situation, By Addressing The Global Impact Of Feral Cats, And Animals In Principle, By Endorsing More Acceptable Methods; Methods, That Have Been Successfully Implemented By Many Organizations And Civic Groups World Over. A simple Trap-Neuter-Return | TNR Program; Is Not Only A More Humane Approach, But Also A Much More Viable And Cost Effective Approach To Controlling The Spiralling Feral Cat Populations. As The Name Implies, This Program Involves Trapping Feral Cats, Neutering Them And Returning Them To Their Home Areas, Where They Can Live Out Their Natural Lives Without Reproducing, To Say The Least. This Situation With Our Feral Cats, Is As Much About Human Intervention, As It Is About The Feral Cat’s Impact And Relationship With Our Shared Environment; It Is About The Failing Of Our Inter Species Partnership, As It Is About A Species’ Way Of Surviving In A Hostile Environment. It Is Rudimentary To Understand And Address The Root Cause Behind Such Conflicts; The Man-Animal Conflict Is An Existential Crisis, Not For The Animals, But For Human Beings. We Further Request And Urge, That This Situation, Not Only Be Considered Rightfully, Lawfully And Progressively, But Taken A Step Further, To Set Precedence, And Make History; Once The Cats Are Neutered And Returned, Let The Cats, Be The Mascots Of Raj Bhavan, Like ‘The Cats Of 10 Downing Street | London’ They Could Be ‘The Cats Of Raj Bhavan | Karnataka’, As They Truly Are, After All It Is Their Natural Habitat, Their Home. We As The Citizens Of A Democratic Nation And Citizens Of The World, Shall Do Right By Our Duty, To Participate And Uphold Our Democracy And Moral Imperative As Humane Beings; And Hope, That Mr. Vajubhai Vala, The Governor Of Karnataka, As Our Representative In Public Office, Shall Do Right By His. Jai Hind We Uphold Our Fundamental Duties, As Citizens Of India, As Stated In Article 51A.G, In The Constitution Of India 1949: To Protect And Improve The Natural Environment Including Forests, Lakes, Rivers And Wildlife, And To Have Compassion For Living Creatures; As Do We, By The Animal Birth Control | ABC Rules Of 2001 EndNoteShared Here Below, Is A Link, To The Article In Reference From The Deccan Herald Bangalore After Cat Menace Raj Bhavan Sends SOS To BBMP https://www.deccanherald.com/state/after-cat-menace-raj-bhavan-709028.html?fbclid=IwAR29X6PnBenePcoQTAniWNm7JpCK2I0aPjyrxigWRol5Lbmi7ySv_tmf9O4 Niranjan Kaggere | DH News Service Bengaluru | Thur Dec 20 2018 00:17AM IST | Updated: Thur Dec 20 2018 02:11AM IST A VOICELESS INDIA CITIZEN INITIATIVE | TOGETHER WE CAN  

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    Petitioning Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, President of India, Ram Nath Kovind

    Increase PENALTY on animal abuse!

    Dear People of India, Each and every day, we see animals being tortured in several ways whether it is in the form of abuse of stray dogs, sale of dyed chicks, acid-attack non-human survivors etc. But how often do we see any action taken against the criminals? Dogs, who were once a part of a family, are abandoned on the road where they have to fetch for their own food and water. Do you think a dog who has never, for the past 7 or 8 years, lived on streets will ever be able to fight the other dogs on the streets or escape the brutalities of human beings, leave alone finding sufficient food and water? Animals, including cows, bulls, donkeys, horses etc are commonly seen scavenging on garbage dumped carelessly on the streets because their caretakers don't CARE for their well-being. There are thousands of cases in which abusive and inhuman individuals (HUMANS) have poured ACID on cows or dragged a dog for many kilometers, yet they face no charges. These are the same individuals who commit further crimes in the society because a person's attitude towards any sentient being is a reflection of their social behavior in the future.  Do you know the penalty that is charged for killing an animal in India? Under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, the penalty for abusing (wounding, killing, pouring acid on, etc) an animal is ₹10 (minimum) and ₹50 (maximum). It seems that the past governments have reduced the life of an animal to less than ₹50, but YOU have a chance to urge the government to amend this.  An animal is as sensitive as you and me who are reading this petition right now. They feel the same love, same pain, same betrayal, same happiness and same sorrow as any of us. How would you feel if you were hit by a car, struggling for your life, and the police leaves the criminals with a 'chillar' of ₹50? Animals DESERVE JUSTICE, just like you and me! Don't deprive them of their rights and URGE the government to increase PENALTY on animal abuse substantially! Thank you!  

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