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Renee Lynn is an Activist, Author, Columnist and Founder ©Voice for India. Renee Lynn was born and raised in New Jersey. She’s best known for raising issues and awareness about India's political and social issues. Traveling all over the world, she has seen many different cultures, which was one of the best experiences of her life, India being the most life-changing. Renee Lynn exposes the media and propaganda against India and shows the truth and reality about India. In her book India Stripped, she investigated the mainstream media and tells the world about the real India. Her passion for getting the truth out about India is perpetual. Renee Lynn has been an Activist for India the last several years and received many accolades. Her efforts are being appreciated by India and around the world. She has appeared in numerous news media for her work and organization, Voice For India.

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Petitioning Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of external affairs, Office of the Home Minister of India, Foreign affairs ministry

Government of India - Ban Proselytizing & Tourist Visa of Christian Missionaries

We are asking Government of India to enforce existing law and DO not issue TOURIST visa or e-Visa on arrival to Christian Missionaries. A missionary visa category exists and any all missionaries coming to India need to obtain correct visa by providing truthful information. However majority of the Christian Missionaries do not APPLY for missionary visa and get tourist visa instead. This is clear violation of the existing Indian Laws. Indian regulations clearly state that if a foreign religious worker comes to India for missionary work, they have to obtain Missionary Visa and not any other Visa. Therefore, any tourist engaging in Missionaries activities shall be punishable. Millions of people visit India every year. Majority of them come as Tourist or on Business Visa and they primarily come to convert Hindus. Anti-conversion laws are actively enforced in: Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha, Madyha Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh. In all instances of enforcement, the laws are titled ‘Freedom of Religion Act[s]’. The Acts state that no person shall convert or attempt to convert, either directly or otherwise, any person from one religious faith to another by the use of force or by inducement or by any fraudulent means, nor shall any person abet any such conversion. Anti-conversion laws fail to achieve the very purpose for which they have been enacted. We are asking Government of India to enforce existing law. Please stop issuing TOURIST visa to Missionaries !

Renee Lynn - Voice for India
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Petitioning Prime Minister of India, President of India

Bring Hinduism Back In India's School Curriculum

President of India & Prime Minister of India: Hinduism has been deceptively taken out of the education system in India. It seem strange considering India is predominantly a Hindu nation? Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world and Hinduism is what made India from the beginning of existence. Other religions can be taught and replaced by Hinduism but Indian schools oppose the history of Hinduism. If Hinduism gets erased, then India will lose its morals and it has been showing. Hinduism is the glue and foundation, the very backbone of the nation. Without Hinduism not only is India lost but the world is lost.    Indian textbooks are not only bias, but it discriminates against the majority religion in India, Hinduism, and sadly, minority religions are in textbooks.  Hinduism has been deceptively and deliberately taken out of the school textbooks. The textbooks are full of Moguls and other minority religions, but not a word mention about Ram or Gita? Even factoring in that majority are Hindus. Logically, being a secular country, is this fair? Where is equality. Hindus have always been egalitarians and peaceful people so this is totally unfair.  The majority students who are Hindus will grow up without knowing their own heritage. How are students able to show their pride for the country. Covering minority religions and ignoring Hindu heritage, doesn't it seem like a conspiracy? Rama not mentioned once but Moguls 100 times?  Mr. Narendra Modi, we need you to bring back Hinduism back in the education system. As concerned well-wishers, I, along with the following supporters urge the Government to review this discrimination.  We the people demand Hinduism back in the school syllabus.  Thank you. Renee Lynn ~ Voice for India  

Renee Lynn - Voice for India
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Petitioning Mr. Narendra Modi, Chief Justice of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Supreme Court of India, @narendramodi

Kashmir Belongs to India - Abolish Article 370 & 35A - No More Silence !

I, Renee Lynn - Voice for India, a USA citizen of non-Indian origin, along with countless supporters of Indian origin would like to address the ongoing, horrific Kashmir tragedy.  We are voicing for abolishing Article 370 & 35A from the Indian Constitution. On my numerous times to India, this visit I had gone to a Kashmir Protest at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on September 14, 2018.  It was a heartbreaking event.  As I stood and observed the people at the event with so much social alienation, shame and pain in their eyes, I knew this was something we can never forget.  How can we just forget this unjustified, horrific events that took place in Kashmir? Kashmir is like heaven on earth, but the incidents that happened turned heaven into hell.  Political parties and media don’t want to talk about it, but instead keep it hush-hush as it was just the ending of a final chapter in a story of war and violence.  This story can never end until justice is granted to the Kashmirs.  How can this be overlooked as a minuscule incident? Kashmir horror is significant as to what happened in Bhopal on that dark night on December 2nd 1984, the Bhopal gas tragedy. Thousands were running for their lives including the animals.  Fear and terror in their eyes.  People dropping dead as they were fleeing for their lives, women who were pregnant were having spontaneous abortions.  Although I was not there to witness it, but when I have to write about it, it evokes strong emotions as I witness it in my heart. As horrific as this event was, everyone came together; communities, media, Indian Government, etc. Now fast forward to that cold, dark night on January 19th 1990, many Kashmiri Pundits were also running for their lives with fear and terror in their eyes, but not from a dangerous gas leak, but from terrorism.  Still till today the world is silent as though it was only a figment of their imagination and the Kashmir tragedy was anything but real.  The terrorists were on a mission, a brutal bloody mission of torture and mutilation.  Prominent Pundits, BJP, social activist leaders and many others brutally killed. What happened to the heavenly Kashmir to turn into the abyss of hell?   Doom and gloom, not a soul would come to save them?   Why were the forces of evil allow to take over Kashmir?  The inconceivable was happening.  Kashmirs running and hiding, jumping buses and whatever they could do to survive.  Where was the government, the higher officials?  All had gone in a slumber sleep? Even after that horrific night of January 19, 1990 many Kashmir Pundits were still being killed every day, not a day went by that there was not a Kashmir Pundit killed. Can I remind you of the brutal torture that went on; gouging of the eyes, cutting genitals, burning bodies and chopping off body parts.  Women gang raped and killed and children tortured.  Houses were burnt down and temples were destroyed. We know you know all these, but just image if it was someone you loved, can you turn your back? By 1991 most Pundits had no choice but to flee the valley. Forced to be refugees in their own country.  Forced to live in a tented community camp area in Jammu City.  Where were the human rights activist?  State Administration?  The Government of India?  Where were you!  No tears, no protest, no statements from celebrities.  Silence is your answer for terrorism?  Even when the terrorist was chanting loudly anti-India slogans? Massacres continued and Mother India shuts her eyes? No one convicted or punished for the killing of the Kashmir Pundits with all the torture, terror and barbaric acts.  Failure of Government of India to protect the Pundits in their own homeland.  Even they have the rights to live peacefully as they are citizens, but instead brutally forced from their own homes, alienated and out casted.  Kashmir Pundits are spiritual and peaceful people.  They are the original citizens of Kashmir.  Do you think it is fair that Kashmir Hindus have to be forced to Islamic conversion or otherwise be persecuted?  Kashmir Pundits chased out of their homes and still trying to find a way back home.  With horrific mutilations and killings, the mainstream media and Indian media are silent.  We demand that this is treated equally like other terrorist events that happened around the world and in India.  Stand against terrorism and bring Kashmirs back home.  Articles 370 and 35A are completely prejudicial and bias.  India always said that Kashmir is a part of India. We must stand for Kashmir and demand the removal of these articles. The most mortifying part is that the Kashmir Hindus are not given citizenship and are living a deplorable life since the independence of India. We know that Kashmir is a part of India, than why is Articles 370 and 35A in the Indian Constitution, it must be removed. If you agree, please sign and share this link to spread awareness of the need for removal of Article 370 & 35A.  With enough signatures it can make an impact.  We can make a change but not by being silent spectators.  Thank you. Renee Lynn ~ Voice for India        

Renee Lynn - Voice for India
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