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Vital Voices Global Partnership invests in women leaders who improve the world. Founded by former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, and guided by the belief that women are essential to progress in their communities, we partner with leaders from more than 140 countries who advance economic opportunity, increase political and public leadership, and end violence against women. Our programs in strategic planning, business, advocacy and communications build critical skills needed for creating transformational change at scale. Through our global platform, women leaders expand their connections and visibility, accelerating shared progress for all.

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Petitioning Paul Biya

Urge Cameroon Authorities to #FreeKahWalla

Earlier this morning, Vital Voices Global Leadership Award Honoree and President of the Cameroon People’s Party (CPP), Kah Walla, was arrested again in Yaounde, Cameroon. Kah and other members of the party had gathered to discuss their plans to join citizens together for National Unity Day when they were arrested without explanation or cause. Kah and other members of the CPP have been actively advocating for more resources allocated to improving water and electricity access for citizens of Cameroon, and for a more democratic form of governance. Kah has long been an outspoken advocate for the people of Cameroon, even running for president in 2011. In Cameroon, 40 percent of the population lives on less than a dollar a day, and 50 percent of the country lacks access to electricity or clean water. Since the country gained independence 55 years ago, presidential power has been passed only once. Raised in a family of strong women, Kah has been a lifelong activist and sees the vast potential for her country. She believes that together, they have the ability to create the nation they envision – free, democratic and fair. Kah’s re-arrest is another act of exclusion and repression of civil freedom, and Vital Voices condemns the arrest of Kah and asks that she be released immediately. Stand with us as we call for the government to #FreeKahWalla and all those arrested this morning. Here’s how you can help: 1. Sign the petition on calling for the immediate release of Kah and all the protestors who are exercising their right to demand more resources for their people, and advocate for a free and fair society.2. Express your outrage online using #FreeKahWalla. Share from the @VitalVoices twitter feed or draft your own message of support. And make sure to tag @PR_Paul_Biya and @prc_cellcom, so the presidency of Cameroon is aware of the global outcry.3. Contact news agencies such as Reuters, Agence France Presse, Bloomberg, AP, etc, so that they are aware of the situation.

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Petitioning Chinese authorities

Urge Chinese authorities to reopen The Center for Women’s Law Studies and Legal Services.

Guo Jianmei, founder of the Beijing Zhongze Women’s Legal Counseling and Service Center, which was forced to close on February 1. Credit Sim Chi Yin for The New York Times Stand with Guo Jianmei Last week, The Center for Women’s Law Studies and Legal Services in Beijing was suddenly forced to close its doors. As the first legal aid clinic in China, The Center helped women seek legal protection from domestic violence and land rights and employment disputes with the Chinese government. This recent incident is just the latest in a string of suppressive acts against civil society in China.  Join us right now to bring attention to these increasing restrictions. Guo Jianmei, a Global Advisory Council member and 2007 Vital Voices Global Leadership Award Honoree, founded The Center shortly after the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing over two decades ago. Envisioned as a way to promote gender equality and women’s rights in the face of government oppression, The Center has long stood as a pillar for women’s legal representation. The services provided by The Center are desperately needed in China. In a country where women’s economic and social rights are severely restricted, Guo Jianmei helped to provide poor women with access to legal advice in order to create safer and better lives for themselves and their families. With The Center’s closing on February 1, its beneficiaries have lost a vital avenue for finding justice. Guo Jianmei needs our support. We cannot sit idly by and watch decades of progress toward a more equitable China be undermined and reversed. Join us now. Pledge your support of Guo Jianmei, The Center and the Chinese women who so desperately need these services. This is how you can help. 1.)   Sign our petition to bring recognition to the restriction of women’s rights in China. 2.)   Raise your voice and join the global community in supporting The Center using #GuoJianmei. 3.)   Support Vital Voices where Guo Jianmei serves as a Global Advisory Council member and agent of change for women in China. Will you sign to support Guo Jianmei and preserve women’s rights in China?

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