Vegan Outreach

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Vegan Outreach is dedicated to reducing animal suffering
by promoting informed, ethical eating. 99% of animals killed in the U.S. each year die to
be eaten; Vegan Outreach is working to expose and
end cruelty to animals through the widespread distribution
of our illustrated booklets (pdfs): Why
, Even
If You Like Meat
, and Compassionate
, along with our follow-up Guide
to Cruelty-Free Eating
. As a Vegan Outreach activist, anyone, anywhere, in
any situation can be the best possible spokesperson
for the animals. Our booklets have been distributed
by many individuals and organizations, from middle
school students to animal advocacy organizations (e.g.,
FARM, Farm
, The
Fund for Animals
, In
Defense of Animals
, Peta,
Mercy for
, etc.). Your donation
will put more booklets into more people''s hands.

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