Value of Water Coalition

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Building national will for investment in water infrastructure and water resources. The Value of Water Coalition is made up local and national leaders who have come together at a time when our water infrastructure is at risk. We are united in elevating the importance of water to the economic, environmental and social well-being of America. EDUCATE We want our nation to recognize that water is essential and invaluable. And that it belongs to all of us. We believe that a more informed citizenry is critical to advancing smart and sustainable water policy in America. To this end, we provide tools, resources, and information that grows awareness among the public and decision makers about the value of water. CONVENE We support and produce events that bring together people and organizations needed to make smart and sustainable decisions about our nation’s water infrastructure and water resources. We convene public, private, and nonprofit leaders to accelerate the pace of thought leadership on water issues in America today. We organize coordinated local and national actions that elevate the profile of water infrastructure and water resources in America. CULTIVATE Public and private water leaders, nor government alone, can solve the nation’s water challenges. We need like-minded partners to build national awareness of the value of water. Our coalition cultivates new partnerships, collaborations, and champions for the value of water.

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