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Jobs with Justice engages workers and allies in campaigns to win justice in workplaces and in communities where working families live. JWJ was founded in 1987, and the Utah chapter in 2001, with the vision of lifting up workers'' rights struggles as part of a larger campaign for economic and social justice. We believe in long-term multi-issue coalition building , grassroots base-building and organizing and strategic militant action as the foundation for building a grassroots movement, and we believe that by engaging a broad community of allies, we can win bigger victories. We reach working people through the organizations that represent them "unions, congregations, community organizations" and directly as JwJ activists.

Our campaigns make a difference for workers facing hostile bosses, knowing they are not alone in their struggle. At UTJWJ, solidarity is a two-way street: when communities come out for unions, they can expect unions to come out for them. Union victories are crucial, but they are not enough. We must maintain a strong commitment that our coalitions will weigh in on community fights.

We denounce employer harassment of immigrant workers, and we resist cost-shifting of health care benefits. We support community organizations" efforts to secure affordable housing and defend public services, and leading proactive campaigns that can only be won when we fight together "such as economic development policies, living wage ordinances, and statewide fights to win health care for all.

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