Urban Farming

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Urban Farming’s mission is to eradicate hunger, alleviate poverty and green our environment. We locate and secure unused land, space, rooftops and walls for the purpose of bringing neighbors together to plant organic food gardens throughout America and abroad. Children, adults and seniors are given the supplies, tools, and education to create a lasting sustainable solution to help solve these global issues.

Neighbors are encouraged to share their fresh healthy produce with local food banks to help others in need. This system of working together for a common cause while increasing diversity builds safer cities, provides food security, and instills hope for a better future. Planting beautiful food gardens helps to lower the heat index, aiding in the fight against global warming. Growing locally reduces the use of fossil fuels related to transporting food to stores.

We also host many learning gardens in schools K thru 12. Children learn about team building, skills training, self-sufficiency, environmental issues, nutrition, health, and balanced living. They can bring home their knowledge and healthy harvest to share with their families. Older students receive the education and inspiration to prepare them for many types of green jobs and are encouraged to stay in school and volunteer in their community. A portion of the food grown in schools is also donated to local food banks.

Our Urban Farming Food Chain 'Edible' Wall Garden project consists of growing panels, both free standing, and vertically installed on the sides of concrete buildings. So far we have placed them at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, the Miguel Contreras Learning Complex, The Weingart Center, and The Rainbow Apartments in the Skid Row area of LA. These walls are to be as links in a chain across the world, providing food for the hungry and greening the globe. The next edible wall will be installed at the Brotherhood and SisterSol after school program in Harlem, NY on April 16th.

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