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USA for UNHCR is an independent nonprofit organization that provides support for the humanitarian work of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) through fundraising and education. The organization supports refugee protection and relief programs around the world, meeting needs by providing resources to the world's most vulnerable people. USA for UNHCR also informs Americans about the plight of refugees and the lifesaving work of the UN Refugee Agency.

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Help protect children from gang violence in Central America

There is a silent crisis in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras that threatens an entire generation of children. Gang warfare and savage violence have transformed the Northern Triangle of Central America into one of the most dangerous places on earth. Young boys are recruited as lookouts before being turned into killers when they get older. Girls are kidnapped, coerced to traffic drugs and exploited as sexual slaves. In a desperate attempt to keep their children safe, thousands of parents have fled with their families. In some cases, children have made the perilous journey alone. Traumatized by the brutality they witnessed and the risk they took to escape, they feel helpless. The UN Refugee Agency is providing protection, shelter, legal assistance, healthcare and more. USA for UNHCR aims to connect Americans like you to the critical work being done by the UN Refugee Agency to help refugees forced to flee, like those escaping Central America. Show your compassion for those fleeing violence. Sign this petition to stand #WithRefugees. Use your voice to shine a light on the atrocities being committed in Central America and the plight of these thousands of children and families in desperate need.

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Our World’s Most Vulnerable People

Samira, her husband Wael and their newborn son Mohammed are just three of the more than 11 million Syrians who have been driven from their homes since conflicted erupted six years ago. The family escaped eastern Aleppo in 2012 to the safer western part of the city. Even though the journey was short, it was still treacherous. They were forced to flee with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Since they did not have a marriage certificate or proper identification with them, they were forced to dodge checkpoints and were more vulnerable to harassment, extortion and exploitation. Without a marriage certificate, they were unable to register the births of Mohammed and their second child Shaza, which could have prevented them from accessing education and healthcare. With the help of the UN Refugee Agency, Samira and Wael received legal support to officially register their marriage and obtain birth certificates for their children. USA for UNHCR aims to connect Americans like you to the critical work being done by the UN Refugee Agency. Working with local partners, UNHCR is helping thousands more Syrians obtain official documentation — as well as providing protection, food, clean water and healthcare to millions of people fleeing conflict. Show your compassion for people like Samira, Wael, Mohammed and Shaza. Sign this petition to stand #WithRefugees. Use your voice to call on the international community to redouble its support for refugees and those still trapped in Syria.

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Unrelenting Horror in Syria

The April 2, 2017 chemical attack in Idlib, Syria is a horrifying reminder of the violence that weighs on every aspect of life for Syrians. In a war that’s only worsening — and with no end in sight, the need for humanitarian aid and protection has never been greater. UNHCR — the UN Refugee Agency — is determined to reach everyone in need, by any means possible. A network of community centers in Syria provides child protection, education and health services. Syrian refugees receive education, healthcare and shelter in the region’s hosting countries. USA for UNHCR aims to connect Americans like you to the critical work being done by the UN Refugee Agency. But without enough support, the food and cash assistance will be reduced or will not reach the people in need. Sign this petition to stand #WithRefugees. Use your voice to call on the international community to redouble its support for refugees and those still trapped in Syria.

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Famine in South Sudan

More than 1.6 million South Sudanese have fled violence, drought and famine – South Sudan is now the world’s fastest-growing refugee crisis and the largest in Africa. The vast majority fleeing are women and children. They walk for days with little or no food or water to reach safety, often along uncharted routes to avoid attacks by armed groups. They are traumatized, exhausted and hungry. The UN Refugee Agency is on the ground – providing food, water, shelter, healthcare and safety. But with refugees arriving at the camps and reception centers by the thousands every day, resources are stretched to a breaking point. You have the power to help families who need access to food, water, shelter and safety. Stand with USA for UNHCR and make sure refugees are not left behind. Be their voice. Sign this petition today. Stand #WithRefugees.

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Crisis in Syria: A Grim Milestone of Suffering

The Syrian crisis is entering its seventh year and there’s no end in sight. The country is in ruins and more than 13 million of its citizens need humanitarian assistance. What’s worse: an entire generation of children is at risk. Since war broke out, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and its partners have provided food, water and protection to vulnerable children, women and men. In winter, they make sure that people have adequate shelter, heating fuel, thermal blankets and warm clothing. As long as people are still forced to flee, the UN Refugee Agency will continue their work — but they need your support. Our work at USA for UNHCR is to connect Americans like you to the critical work being done by the UN Refugee Agency. Tell the world that you stand #WithRefugees. Be their voice. Show them they’ve not been forgotten. Sign our petition today.

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Resilient but at Risk: Refugee Women and Girls

They're forced to flee from war and persecution. Women and girls are among our world’s most vulnerable refugees. Globally, one in three women will experience sexual or physical violence in her lifetime — if she is a refugee, she’s even more at risk. Just collecting clean water or walking at night to the bathroom can put them in danger of assault. Despite grave threats to their safety, women and girls on the run are strong, resilient — and fiercely determined to survive and thrive. USA for UNHCR connects Americans like you to the critical work being done by the UN Refugee Agency. Here are just three ways the UN Refugee Agency helps displaced women and girls: 1. Provides secure shelters, separate washrooms and proper lighting to reduce the risk of assault in refugee camps. 2. Gives women the tools they need to resume their work, which helps them provide for their families and regain their independence. 3. Prevents gender inequality by ensuring that girls have access to education. Your signature is your voice. Sign this petition and stand with the UN Refugee Agency to help refugee women and girls.

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URGENT ACTION: Stand up for Refugees

The United States is a global leader in supporting those that have been forced to flee their homes, but now our commitment to refugees is in jeopardy. Add your name to the pledge — take a stand for refugees. Refugees who are resettled in the United States are more thoroughly screened than anyone else who comes to this country, including foreign students and tourists. More than three million refugees have been safely resettled since 1975 and today they are an important part of this country — they build small businesses, strong families and vibrant communities. We cannot now turn our backs on the most vulnerable people in their greatest time of need. Since 1950, UNHCR — the UN Refugee Agency — has protected refugees all over the world. Show you stand with refugees and join USA for UNHCR’s support of protecting, helping and rebuilding the lives of refugees.

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