United for a Healthy Anacostia River

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United for a Healthy Anacostia River is a coalition comprised of leading environmental, business and community groups within the District of Columbia. The coalition advocates for the cleanup of all of the PCBs, PAHs and other toxic chemicals in the tidal Anacostia River, especially legacy toxics in the riverbed sediments. Through educational efforts directed at the public, the media, elected officials, and political candidates, the coalition’s goal is to ensure that actual cleanup efforts are underway in five years. For more information visit www.healthyanacostiariver.org

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Petitioning Mayor of DC and Members of the DC Council

DC Government: Fully implement the law and hold the polluters of the Anacostia River accountable for cleanup costs

The Anacostia River should be a showcase for our nation’s capital-- a clean and safe river where people want to come to exercise, play, and learn. Instead, the river is among the nation’s most polluted. While city leaders have long talked of cleaning it up, preliminary analysis of the toxic chemicals has only recently gotten underway. Much work remains to be done.  The FY2015 DC Budget requires the District Department of the Environment to map out a detailed clean-up process, including the identification of responsible parties to be held accountable for cleanup costs, by June 30, 2018. Experts say this deadline is quite doable and could even be moved up. The cleanup process could require significant financial support from a number of entities responsible for the historic and ongoing pollution of the Anacostia River.  Our leaders in DC need to know that we expect them to carry out the cleanup process to its full conclusion.  Only then can our community fully enjoy the benefits of a clean river.

United for a Healthy Anacostia River
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Petitioning The Mayor of DC and DC Councilmembers

Please make cleaning up the toxins in the Anacostia River a top priority

The Anacostia River and its surrounding community have the potential to be an extraordinary ecological, recreational, social, cultural, and economic driver for the DC region. However, the nation’s capital cannot reach its potential as long as dangerous chemicals in the riverbed and at certain places along the banks remain unaddressed. I urge you to make a commitment to fully cleaning up the toxic chemicals found in and around the Anacostia.    Specifically, I ask that you pledge to have the toxic cleanup underway by January 2017 – three years from now. Experts say this is aggressive but doable. River toxins have been associated with an increased risk of developmental and behavioral problems as well as cancer. The longer we wait, the longer we jeopardize the health of our community.  Instead, let’s get on track to fully enjoy the benefits from this extraordinary natural resource.

United for a Healthy Anacostia River
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