United Community Centers, Inc

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UCC’s mission is two-fold: to provide first-rate services that meet the needs of families and to involve adult and youth residents in social efforts to learn about and resolve community problems. From the day of its founding, UCC’s door has opened inward to welcome community residents from different backgrounds to participate in exciting and diverse cultural and educational activities and provide services in response to people’s needs. At the same time, UCC’s doors have opened outward, signifying our commitment to community organizing to improve the lives of residents of all ages in our hard-pressed, low and lower-middle income community. UCC has a long history of community organizing. Our programs provide a forum to stimulate discussion of community issues, promote activism, and develop strategies to address community needs. From saving the local library and park from violence and drugs to stopping the construction of a wood-burning incinerator in the community, UCC has been committed to grass-roots organizing efforts. Our two largest programs, East New York Farms and United Community Day Care Center are a testament to our commitment to improve the quality of life in East New York.

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