United Cerebral Palsy

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The mission of United
Cerebral Palsy is to advance the independence, productivity
and full citizenship of people with disabilities through an affiliate
network. The United Cerebral Palsy National Office, located in
Washington, D.C., provides direct support to the affiliates via
fundraising, marketing and communications, best practices, and
programmatic support to name a few. We also serve people with
disabilities and their families through the development of
forward-thinking programs, information and referral service,
legislative advocacy, technology initiatives and research.
UCP is the leading source of information on cerebral palsy and other
disabilities and is a pivotal advocate for the rights of persons with
disabilities. More than 65% of people served by UCP have disabilities
other than cerebral palsy.
UCP consistently is rated as one of the most financially responsible
charities, with 85 cents of every dollar spent directly on local
programs and services.

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