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UNITED AGAINST RACISM is a membership based grass-root, democratic organisation conducting its activities based on the following principles. UAR rejects all forms of racism and discrimination including Islamophobia, anti-semitism and anti- Traveller racism. UAR is against all scapegoating of migrants and minorities. UAR calls for the abolition of the Direct Provision System and supports the call for amnesty for asylum seekers. UAR is for the normalization of all undocumented migrant workers in Ireland and opposes all deportations. UAR calls for opening the borders to refugees and rejects ‘Fortress Europe’ policies. UAR supports the call for recognition of Traveller ethnicity. UAR supports the principle of NO PLATFORM for Fascists. UAR’s policies and strategy are democratically determined by its members. UAR is an independent organisation aiming to form links with other organisations, political parties, community groups and trade unions in its campaigns and activities. UAR welcomes the affiliation of other organisations and invites people to join as members based on the principles above.

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Petitioning Leo Varadkar

Trump is not welcome in Ireland

REASONS TO STOP TRUMP He is destroying the planet He is the world’s leading misogynist He is a racist, Islamophobe and Apartheid Israel supporter He is an imperialist warmonger He is a vicious transphobe He represents the 1% WHY TRUMP IS NOT WELCOME IN IRELAND Donald Trump is a threat to us all. As the world’s leading climate change denier who has pulled the US out of the Paris climate agreement, removed environment protection in America he is destroying the planet and endangering the whole future of humanity. He is a strong promoter of importing fracked gas into Ireland via Shannon LNG. In the age of #MeToo, when women globally are standing up for their rights, he has boasted of his ability to sexually assault women with impunity. His Presidential campaign was based on racism against Mexicans –build that wall! He has tried to ban visitors and migrants from Muslim countries. He is separating children from their parents at the border. He gives carte blanche support to Apartheid Israel to murder Palestinians and steal their land at will. He has worked with, encouraged and emboldened far right racists and fascists across the world. He is undermining Irish neutrality via Shannon. He is an Imperialist warmonger. He is a vicious transphobe who bans transgender people from the US Army. He has posed as the friend of ‘the working man’ but in reality he is a billionaire property developer who represents the interests of the super rich.  He filled his cabinet with CEOs, and generals. This is why as a coalition of progressive campaigners and activists we all say TRUMP IS NOT WELCOME IN IRELAND! We call on the Irish Government, which claims to be progressive, to make this clear to Donald Trump and to ensure that no public money, so urgently needed for the housing and health crisis, is spent on this visit. Trump is not welcome in Ireland!

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Petitioning Leo Varadkar, Charlie Flanagan

Repeal 2004 Citizenship Referendum (27th Amendment) - Give Children Citizenship

Problem2004 Citizenship ReferendumThe Twenty-seventh Amendment of the Constitution Act 2004 amended the Constitution of Ireland to provide that children born on the island of Ireland to parents who were both foreign nationals would no longer have a constitutional right to Irish Irish citizenship. Today, because of the 27th amendment children born in Ireland are facing the horrible risk of being deported.SolutionTaoiseach Leo Varadkar, Minister for Justice and Equality Charlie Flanagan, please listen to the huge majority of people and repeal the Twenty-seventh Amendment of the Constitution Act 2004 or pass the Irish Nationality and Citizenship (Restoration of Birthright Citizenship) Bill 2017. Give all children born in Ireland the right to Irish Citizenship.If passed this Bill would reverse the effect of the 2004 Act.Sunday Times and Behaviour & Attitudes November Opinion Poll 2018: Huge swing in favour of citizenship for all born in IrelandAs reported by the Sunday Times: "Seven out of 10 voters believe children born on the island of Ireland should be automatically entitled to citizenship, in an almost direct reversal of the result of the citizenship referendum 14 years ago.A new Behaviour & Attitudes poll for The Sunday Times has found 71% of Irish voters believe anyone born in Ireland should be entitled to citizenship, while one in five (19%) feel they should not have automatic entitlement.The poll was taken following the high-profile case of Eric Zhi Ying Xue, 9, a pupil in St Cronan’s national school, Bray, Co Wicklow, who was faced with deportation along with his Chinese mother, Leena Mei Mei Xue." United Against Racism

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