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We support the protest against French fascist Marine Le Pen's visit to Britain

UAF Statement supporting a protest against French fascist Marine Le Pen’s visit to Britain As anti-fascists we support the demonstration against Marine Le Pen’s possible visit to Britain. Le Pen is head of the fascist Front National (FN) in France. She plans to campaign with South East England MEP Janice Atkinson, who is vice-chair of far-right Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) in the European Parliament. Le Pen is the group’s chair. For many years the FN has tried to bring anti-Semitism and Islamophobia to the mainstream of French politics. The party’s founder Jean Marie Le Pen—Marine’s father—once said that the Holocaust gas chambers were a “minor detail” of the Second World War. Since Marine Le Pen became leader of the FN in 2011 she has tried to move the party into the mainstream of French politics, downplaying its fascist roots. But she continues to make racist statements that scapegoat immigrants and particularly Muslims. In 2010 she compared French Muslims who had to pray in the street because they could not get permission to build mosques to the Nazi occupation. During the 2015 election campaign she said it was time “to eradicate bacterial immigration” by refugees with “non-European diseases”.* Atkinson, who was expelled from Ukip, has expressed extreme anti-immigrant views, calling for the setting up of prison camps, and referring to a Thai constituent as “ting tong from somewhere”. After years of anti-fascist campaigning in Britain the extreme right here is marginalised. But anti-racists have to remain vigilant and we will not allow a visit by a successful fascist like Le Pen to give the squabbling fragments renewed confidence. Our protest is also in solidarity with people fighting racism in France and elsewhere across Europe. Details of the protest will be confirmed as details of Le Pen’s planned visit are made clear. If you can't make the protest and want to donate to UAF's work in opposing fascism, please click here     Please add your name to this statement. Initial signatories: Len McCluskey - Unite Gen SecBilly BraggJohn McDonnell MPKate Osamor MPCat Smith MPBarbara Keeley MPSteve Rotherham MPJustin Madders MPJulie Cooper MPJonathan Reynolds MPJulie Ward MEPAfzal Khan MEPAndrew Gwynne MPChris Keates NASUWT Gen SecTony Kearns - CWU Union - Senior Deputy Gen SecJane Loftus - CWU PresidentJonny Weinberg - Vice President, Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester & Region Maz Saleem - Daughter of Mohammed Saleem - anti racist campaignerDilowar Khan - East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre Executive DirectorMichael Lavalette, national coordinator, Social Work Action NetworkFevzi Hussein - CWU Union Policy AssistantCllr Dan Lewis - CWU Union Chair - North West RegionAmarjite Singh - CWU Chair of Race Advisory CommitteeGerry Gable - Searchlight Magazine EditorRhetta Moran - REPARMichael Daduc Founder, Roma Community CareLindsey German - Stop the WarAtilla the Stockbroker - Poet/MusicianGrace Petrie - MusicianPaul Mackney - co chair Greece Solidarity CampaignWeyman Bennett - UAF Joint SecretarySabby Dhalu - UAF Joint Secretary

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